Felt cherry

povstani cherry

Felt cherry – is a shrub.

It sometimes reaches a height of 2.5 meters.

She grows very quickly and is characterized by high early.

The most famous among the gardeners varieties «Amurka«, «Felt sweet«, «Khabarovchanka«.

These varieties are the most hardy and able to withstand temperatures down to -40 degrees.

Less hardy varieties – the «Pioneer«, «Light«, «Early sweet«. To felt cherry fruited, it would be necessary to grow several varieties.

Even if during the may frost flowers in her frozen, you can not worry – it is well restored.

Multiply felt cherry should only seeds or cuttings, root shoots because she does not.

Bones planted in the ground immediately after harvest in order not to overdry.

After the pasture of the young shoots when all the conditions are met cherry in 3-4 years begins to bear fruit.

And if you decide to propagate it from cuttings, take a few fruit-bearing branches, cut them into cuttings and Zaglebie into the soil. Sprouted cuttings begin to bear fruit the following year.

Transplant felt cherry to the spring and watered regularly. She loves bright places, but with a light irregular shading is well developed too.

Best cherry fruits on fertile and moderately moist soil, but if your land does not possess these qualities. Don’t worry.

Make a hole for it a bit larger, carry back 50-60% of humus. Mix it with soil and grow this beauty quietly!

The only thing you risk is a shift of the timing of fruiting. Berries cherries in the felt a little smaller, but sweeter than normal cherries.

And the color of the berries are usually bright red or orange. It can be consumed as fresh, and make jam.

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