Features of growing tomatoes (tomatoes) in the country

growing pomidorl

Soil preparation for growing tomatoes (tomato) starts September.

For a start, given vegetable crop rotation of plants selected plot for planting in the open ground.

If this is the greenhouse, the preparation starts in it.

On the choice of varieties of tomatoes you need to take care in advance, as in greenhouses, the seedlings planted before, then you can use the tall tomatoes to the rear (North) wall and low to the South.

Under tall varieties it is better to prepare a trench depth of approximately 40 cm with biofuels. That is, the excavated groove is filled with compost, leaves or straw. Is sprinkled over the top layer of the earth.

The width of the trenches so expect to plant the tomato seedlings at the edges. Watering should be done between the plants in the groove. Under low-growing varieties to a trench depth of 20cm.

In the spring under the cultivation of tomatoes prepared hole with the application of the fertilizer. They are located at a distance of 65-70 cm between plants 30-35 cm between the rows.

Add 1H. L. superphosphate, 2 kg compost and 2 handfuls of wood ash, all mixed well.

One day before planting tomatoes, prepared holes are abundantly watered, for the second time watering is carried out immediately before planting.

Roots before the excavation is also little need to drench to seedlings more easily removed from the container.

Turn the container on hand, Bush tomatoes should be between the middle and ring fingers.

Second hand, gently, a little tapping, remove the container. In this way, the roots do not break off and replanted the plant does not hurt.

If you grow tomato seedlings in peat pots, do fit with them. In cooked tomato is immersed up to the cotyledon leaves, the soil around is compacted.

tomato cultivation

Further around the plant prepares a small depression to prevent moisture from spreading around. Near the seedlings stick the pegs. They must be strong.

The height of the pegs depends on the characteristics of the variety. All age tie ropes above the middle, so the plant was as smooth.

During the summer season as necessary, will need to dress the garter above. If there is a threat of frost, take additional measures to insulation of the greenhouse.

If the weather is warm and Sunny on the day do airing, tomatoes do not like stagnant air.

When growing tomatoes do not need to remove the suckers and extra leaves.

Conduct regular soil loosening and ridging.

Mulching with grass small tomato will provide additional feeding and will protect the ground from drying out. In this case, watering should be reduced.

Basic fertilizing tomato seedlings is carried out once in three weeks. Make complex fertilizer: 1st.l. superphosphate, 2st.l. azofoski, 1/4h.l. potassium sulfate in a bucket (10-12P.) water.

To attract pollinators, next to the tomatoes to plant the flowers: marigolds, marigolds.

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