Features of cultivation of seedlings of cauliflower

the cultivation of seedlings of cauliflower

Cauliflower early fee only grown from potted seedlings.

The seeds of varieties suitable for growing in greenhouses, are sown in bulk after January 20.

A little later, starting to grow seedlings cauliflower for later planting under a flat shelter.

From 1 g of seed usually goes 100 — 150 pieces of seedlings. This ensures uniformity of germination and eliminates the need picks.

After seeding you need to maintain a temperature in the range 18 — 22 °C and after emergence + 14 — + 18 °C during the day and +12 — +14 °C at night.

The seedlings in the phase of formed leaves dive in pots filled with peat substrate.

They are placed in the soil deep enough and sprinkled with sand to the level of the leaves. After the pick temperature shall be maintained for a few days at +18 °C, the plants quickly took.

Later, the optimum temperature can be +14 — +16°C during the day and +10 — +12 °C at night. Cabbage seedlings are fed only in the case of slow growth and with obvious signs of lack of nutrients.

Hardening young plants necessarily need or intensively ventilate the room where the seedlings or move it to the time the greenhouse is heated.

At the time of landing, the seedlings should be sturdy and have 5 — 6 dark-green leaves. You should be careful not to land overgrown seedlings, since such plants will prematurely form a lumpy head.

First of all seedlings planted in the greenhouse in mid — March, temporary shelters — two weeks later.

In intensive farming can be applied mulching, improves the conditions of temperature and soil moisture.

The scheme of planting of cauliflower is 40×40 cm or 50×50 cm Width of the strips depends on the size of spunbond or film.

With a width of 3 m it is possible to cover 6 rows with a distance of 40 cm or 5 rows at a distance of 45 cm from each other.

On fertile soils is practiced more dense planting: schematic 30×30 cm can significantly increase the yield.

When planting under a flat shelter films or spunbond should be carefully covered with earth, to shelter has not been infiltrated by pests, especially spring cabbage fly.

The width of the greenhouse for the cultivation of cauliflower is often increased to 4 m and the height is reduced to 1,2 — 1,3 m.

In this case, cover them with foil after transplanting, which is placed at a shallow depth in the above scheme.

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