Features of cultivation of carrot

features of cultivation of carrot

Carrots – the most delicious source of carotene.

Like other vegetables has its peculiarities of cultivation in the country.

Any problems for novice gardeners.

For a good harvest, you need to follow the recommendations of the machinery.

When choosing a place of planting should take into account not only soil fertility, but also the compatibility of the plants in the garden, this 2/3 depends on the quality of the crop. The remaining part is the variety of seeds and weather conditions.

The feature of growing carrots in a slow growth at the initial stage. Seeds are sown in open ground in mid-may, low temperatures they are not afraid.

To reduce the consumption of seed material and improve the final product, to sow the carrots should be evenly, without laying it on landing.

Further thinning, affects the plants, slowing down development. If weeding is late, the roots will start to bend.

For even sowing some gardeners, winter cut strips of soft paper, and at a certain distance stick the carrot seed, pre-treating them in a biostimulation solution.


It is another feature of growing carrots, but to go to such artifice is necessary because of the fineness of the seed.

For development and good growth, this culture needs warmth and sufficient light. The sharp differences in day and night temperatures, can cause not amicable shoots.

The lack of light also leads to delayed development and emergence of diseases. Under favorable conditions of cultivation of carrot seedlings should appear after 3 weeks. To speed up the flower bed should be covered with polyethylene.

Young sprouts are weak and in need of a good watering, not enough moisture will lead to deformities and cracking root crops, the weakest will die. Insufficient care at the initial stage of growth, directly affects the quality of the crop.

In addition to the thinning, there should be cultivating rows for the destruction of the soil cover, fertilizing and watering.

This can be attributed to pests and diseases. After the final thinning carrots, the distance between the roots should be 5-6 cm.

Fed carrots 2 times during the summer of mineral fertilizers. On

features of cultivation of carrot

1Q.m. consumes 20-30 g of superphosphate, 15 g of urea and 18-20g potassium salt.

When growing carrots, especially at the time of root formation (July-August), dry summer, watering should be increased. The norm is 6L on 1. M.

Harvest for long-term storage beginning in September, by which time the diameter of the root reaches 3-6cm.

After digging out carrots from the ground shake and cut tops. If you observe the features of growing carrots, it will give you a great harvest.

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