Features of care for the fuchsia in the home

care of fuchsia

Care of fuchsia is not difficult, even for novice gardeners, but if you make a mistake, the plant may permanently lose its beauty.

Fuchsia is a beautiful representative flowering plant, this flower is named after the German biologist L. Fuchs.

In nature the berries of the fuchsia are edible. In ambient conditions to the fruits, it is practically impossible, but the use of flowers for decorating desserts is possible.

Care of fuchsia

To begin, select a place where will be Your beauty. Fuchsia loves constancy and is bad for the crossings. Even plants turns can cause shedding of flowers.

A place for this flower must be sufficiently illuminated with bright, indirect light, direct sunlight is prohibited.

If lighting is insufficient, the optional fluorescent lamps, or the fuchsia will stretch and flowering will not.

The optimum temperature for the maintenance of fuchsia in summer +18° — +20°C. High temperature affects the plant.

In winter, fuchsias must be kept at low temperatures in the range of +8° — +10°C. it is difficult to create ideal conditions, so I identified a place for it on a glazed and heated balcony.

Important when caring for a fuchsia watering. Water the plant copiously in summer and most importantly regularly in the winter too, regularly, but in moderation.

Fuchsia likes moist air, so between waterings are sprayed from a spray bottle, and once a month bathing. Water, like many indoor plants should be at room temperature and separated.

Taking care of rose, don’t forget about the power of the soil. With a lack of necessary minerals, good flowering can not wait, and on the contrary an excessive amount of mineral fertilizers in the soil causes the active growth of herbage and a few weak flowers.

Fertilizers are applied in spring and summer, twice a month. Also complete care for the fuchsia is unthinkable without its periodic scrap.

The correct implementation of this procedure will give your plant the power and beauty, it will become healthier.

We must begin with pridobivanje, at the stage of the young stalk and last throughout the existence of fuchsia, but only in the spring, before flowering.

Fuchsia transplant is performed only as necessary, when the root system in the tank becomes crowded.

You will notice it at the roots emerge through drainage holes. Rules of selection of pot black, the same as for many houseplants.

Flower land is better to take ready, and don’t forget the drainage, the soil should not cake.

Reproduction of this plant by cuttings, can be produced in any period of the year, but preferably during the cropping season.

To root cuttings in a mixture of sand and vermiculite or water. The handle is also sometimes necessary to spray from a spray. It is the rooting process could take up to a month.

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