Faucaria — care at home


A perennial plant, which shortened the stem is short, fleshy rhizome, called faucaria.

In the autumn the plant is pleased with the appearance of beautiful yellow leaves.

The most popular kind is the faucaria tiger, consisting of 4-5 pairs of leaves are gray-green hue.

The leaves are covered with white spots, and the edges are appendages resembling teeth.

Diameter of single flowers 6 to 7 cm, as a rule, the flowers are yellow, but different different shades. These buds live 6-8 days, with the day opened and closed by night.

Faucaria — care at home

 Location and lighting

Your flower grew well and even bloomed every year for him to choose the place with the maximum amount of sun. Ideal – southern windowsill.


The optimum temperature for faucaria at home 25-30°C, while in summer it is able to withstand any fluctuations in temperature.

In cold weather the temperature in the room where the plant is grown, it is desirable to lower to 10°C.

Watering faucaria and humidity

In the growing period requires moderate watering. To watering treat with caution, as excess water will lead to rapid rotting of the roots.

Autumn – a period of rest for the flower, at this time, the sheets will be wrinkled, some even odyhat, so watering is completely stopped.

The plant thrives in areas with dry air, so there is no need of extra moisture. Enough occasionally to remove dust from the leaves.


Fed faucaria at home the vegetation period, this applies fertilizer for succulents.

Transplantation and propagation

Transplant faucaria is carried out every few years, at a time when the rest period.

For the cultivation requires a special primer, based on fertile soil and sand in equal proportions, the soil pH should be 6.

Transplanting a plant, you need to remove all the faded flowers and, if there is damaged parts. Reproduction occurs by seed.

Faucaria seeds obtained in two ways: vegetative and with the help of artificial pollination. Seeds 1.5-2 mm in diameter, the planting follows the pattern 1×1.

Seeds are sown in a container filled with coarse-grained sand, previously washed. There’s no need to deepen it, easy enough


of slumber.

Container plantings need to cover the glass and leave in a room with a temperature of 20 -25°C.

Faucaria pests and fight with them

The plant may be affected spider mites, powdery mildew or root mealybugs.

To combat the pest is sufficient to wipe the leaves faucaria insecticide solution.

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