Fatshederu care at home


Fatshederu – evergreen vine that reaches a height of 5 meters.

Over time semilignified erect, slightly branched and thin stem becomes prostrate.

The vine lobed leaves, dark green, glossy leaf plate.

Meet in the wild and variegated forms fatshederu, them a characteristic white or cream-colored border.

These species are less viable in the home, but serve as excellent decoration of the room. In the autumn on the vine may be formed creamy white flowers and dark blue berries.

Fatshederu care at home

 Location and lighting

Like many houseplants, the plant likes a light place, however, stand and slightly darkened room.

In summer, plants can find a place in the fresh air, most importantly protect it from the direct rays of the sun.


Fatshedera in home grown at moderate temperatures, in winter it is recommended to slightly reduce the temperature. Try to keep in the room did not exceed 20°C.

Fatshederu watering and humidity

In the warm season the plant needs abundant watering, in winter, to watering approach with caution. The frequency of watering depends on the temperature at which the vine is grown.

For normal growth fatshedera at home the necessary moist air, so regular spraying is the main condition of proper care.

Here it should be noted that spraying is only allowed if the temperature is above 14°C In the warm season is possible, even bathing and irrigation.


Feeding fatshederu is carried out in a period of rapid growth (approximately April-September).

Every 10 days the vine fed complex of organic and mineral fertilizer, constantly alternating between them. Winter fertilizer is completely discarded.

Transplantation and propagation fatshederu

The best time of year to transplant is spring. For the transplant at home using a special mixture, as in most cases its preparation is used humus, loam and sand (1:2:1).

Transplanting a plant, do not forget about how important the drainage (about a third of the pot). Fatshederu blooms in the summer, the flowers do not have aesthetics. Reproduction occurs via apical stem cuttings.

Fatshederu care at home

Pests and fight with them

Excessive dryness of the air creates favorable conditions for pests such as scale insects and spider mites.

If the number of pests slightly, you can just fatshedera wipe with alcohol solution, as well as a special shampoo designed for the control of mites in animals.

In the case of strong contamination, need special treatment with insecticides.

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