Farming parsnip, a vegetable and spice in a single «face»

parsnips growing

Parsnip is a biennial plant, i.e. the first ripens the root and a rosette of leaves, and the next, flowering shoots.

Parsnip is a vegetable, because the root resembles the taste of the carrots, the spices, because according to the chemical composition is similar to parsley.

Plus, this plant is rich in high content of carotene, fiber and potassium, it certainly has a therapeutic effect on human health.

The healing properties Pasternak has been known for a long time. Its decoctions and infusions are used as a General tonic, urolithiasis, and so on.

Place under the cultivation of the parsnip is chosen well lit. The soil should be prepared in advance, in the fall.

Dig site with fertilizers: 10l. humus is 1.5-2st. L. superphosphate, 1.5 tbsp of potassium chloride in 1Q.m.

In the spring, once the snow melts and the land dries out, the soil should be loosen and fertilize again 1st.l. ammonium nitrate on 1.m.

Depending on the region to sow parsnip seeds in late April-early may. The distance between rows is approx 35-40cm. Sowing depth 2 cm.

Even if this period a little freeze or anything wrong, to-3 º C., seed stand.

In General, the favorable temperature for the cultivation of parsnip +18 — 22 ° C. After seeding, seedlings should appear on the 14-15 day.

When the plants grow up and there will be three true leaves, the crops thinned out. For the second time this procedure can be carried out after the appearance of the sixth leaf. The distance between the roots, leave about 10-12cm.

Growing Pasternak involves caring for plants: watering, weeding, fertilizing fertilizers.

Watering should be abundant, but not often, as the drying of the soil. During filling of root watering quickens, as due to the lack of moisture may occur cracking.

Weeding and hoeing is best done with gloves to avoid burns.

parsnips growing

Feeding Pasternak is performed in the phase of development of the leaves of mullein (1:10), and the second time complex fertilizer with a predominance of phosphorus and potassium additives. Weeding is carried out as weeds.

Harvested late fall, until frost. Roots you can dig with a shovel or pitchfork. Then clean from the ground and cut off tops.

After Pasternak slightly obsetric and it dries, can be folded into boxes and put into the cellar for storage.

To obtain the seeds of the plant, several root crops can be left in the ground for the winter.

Among gardeners popular classes: «Student«, «A«, «Cook«.

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