Farm animals in the country

farm animals

Gardeners are constantly in summer, I live in the country can have farm animals for milk, eggs, wool, meat.

The most convenient way small animals: chickens, chickens, geese, rabbits, goats.

The advantage that these farm animals do not require large areas and large amounts of food.

Almost all they need you will find in the garden, in the country.

A courtyard for walking, you can attach next to a small building, protecting mesh.

Only if you are going to breed animals for one season from April to November, do not waste your money on expensive and breed young.

Do not buy all types of farm animals, start with one, for example, chickens or geese. Will be provided with egg and meat.

You can get a goat, it will not give you much trouble and much healthier than cow milk.

Rabbits will provide you with fluff and meat diet.

If you decide to have farm animals in the country, first collect information on the care and determine the location of their content.

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