Everbearing raspberries grow and care

Remontant raspberry

«Indian summer» — was named as the first national grade remontant raspberries received by the Professor. V. Kazakov.

And, although currently this variety is not the best, it was he who gave impetus to the cultivation of special red berries on the small plot of land.

Picking berries from its branches throughout the summer season otherwise, what a magical holiday you will not name.

This possibility is related to the unique property of remontant raspberry, bring the harvest not only on the shoots of the second year as regular raspberries.

New underground shoots that grow in spring are able to bear fruit this season.

Very often, to prolong the time of collection of raspberry use this property remontant varieties and form a Bush on the basis of two types of branches.

Berries on two-year shoots appear in June, July. The fruits of annual increment is pleased with the owners in August and September until frost. However, this greatly weakens the Bush and requires special care.

Care of everbearing raspberries

Rules of care are highly dependent on the type and purpose of planting everbearing raspberries. In the case of large plantations used in the method of the autumn pruning of all stems and use only harvest in August or September, depending on variety.

On private land, not all gardeners are completely cut Platonova shoots in autumn.

The main advantage of everbearing raspberries is the ability to stretch the period of eating fresh berries. Beautiful plant consists of 10 young branches and only 2.3 branches left from last season.

A greater number of two-year branches weakens the hive, which affects the total amount of harvest. Excess shoots are removed with a piece of the root and used for breeding.

This is a very important agronomic point associated with the characteristics of breeding all varieties of everbearing raspberries. She does shoots that are spread throughout the site and they must be fought.

Rooting of young shoots, which this season will see the autumn berries, is not easy, but necessary.

One of the interesting ways to increase the number of root shoots is a method of removing the Central part of the Bush.

To rebuild it in the same season gives numerous root shoots near the former plant.

The faster you grow the young shoots, the earlier formed fruit will not fall under the first autumn frosts.

With this purpose apply all the methods used in agricultural cultivation of early vegetables. One of these is the accelerated warming of the soil under a Bush of raspberry through the cover film.

Vegetative period of a plant begins early. Therefore, to remove the snow, to feed nitrogen and complex fertilizers, put a tape should be in April.

Covering material, it is recommended to use at night in the fall, putting it directly into the Bush. Breeding work allowed to obtain varieties with the mass ripening in August and early September. That gave me an opportunity to grow it in the North.

Everbearing raspberries can grow in any type of soil. The main landing is the choice of Sunny places. Everything else depends on the quality of care for the bushes.

Creating fertile soil, fertilizing, watering, treatment against pests that everbearing varieties is

Everbearing raspberries grow and care

rarely included in the standard list of agrotechnical methods.

Currently, you can choose varieties not only with red berries, but yellow and orange.

This «Golden autumn», «Atlanta», «Hercules», «Bryansk Divo», «Monomakh». «Orange miracle» and many others.

Colorful dish, decorated with large bright berries, will create a festive comfort as well as appearance of the bushes that are in the form of ornate shrubs in your yard.

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