Euphorbias care at home


Among houseplants are not only decorative individuals – many of them also have medicinal properties.

Some types of this succulence plants similar in appearance to the leaf cacti, others on small palm.

But they all belong to the genus Euphorbiaceae in the «veins» flowing very poisonous milk.

Room Spurge has another name – Euphorbias. And named it so in honor of the ancient healer Euphorbia, who first discovered the amazing healing properties of plants.

Euphorbias — care tips

 Location and lighting

Euphorbia is very demanding to the abundance of sunlight in any time of the year. It is the lack of lighting may cause yellowing (and falling) of leaves of Euphorbia.

In summer the plant is recommended to keep outdoors in a well lit area. Winter flower pot with the Euphorbia is better to put not on a curtained window that faces South.


Euphorbias – a plant heat-loving. So you must make sure that the room temperature was quite comfortable and did not fall below +22°C. in Winter, warmth is necessary the roots of Spurge. During this period, the plant should be installed as close to the radiators.

Watering and humidity

As for humidity, Euphorbias to this unpretentious. The plant safely tolerate dry periods. So to spray water in the heat it is not necessary.

Similarly, the Euphorbia «survive» and forgetfulness of the owner of the need to water the plant. But to prevent significant drying of the soil is still not to be.


Additional food Euphorbias needs only the period of active growth from spring to autumn. Mineral fertilizer for cacti must be paid 1 time per month.

For negligent (or very busy) gardeners forget to feed the plant, you can give a recommendation: pick Milkweed nourishing enough loose soil. And then feeding can be reduced to 1 time per quarter.

Transplantation and propagation

Euphorbia need to repot every 2 years in larger flower pot. The soil it is recommended to replace completely, taking 2 pieces of sheet and 3 parts of clay and sod. Preferably in an earthen substrate to add sand. Transplant plants doing in the middle of spring.

But Milkweed is propagated solely at the peak of the hot season in July. The usual way to breed Euphorbia – cuttings. But first it is necessary that the milky juice from the stem leak. Some growers choose for the reproduction method of the Scion, growing on the same trunk different

Euphorbias care at home

varieties of plants.

Pests and fight with them

Euphorbias – the plant is quite poisonous, so pests do not risk it «to encroach». But under adverse conditions the Plant is affected by aphids.

Process mechanical plant can not, accidental contact with milk on the skin can cause burns. Therefore, to deal with aphids need only spray of Euphorbia with insecticide.

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