Euonymus — care at home


In nature there are many species (about 200) evergreen shrub called Euonymus.

At home, is getting the better of his Japanese variety that has a smooth leathery, yellow-green or white-green leaves with slight chipping at the edges.

Under ambient conditions, this plant blooms very rarely, the flowers are usually greenish-white.

This flower, in beauty, brings more benefits – destroys harmful bacteria in the air.

Cultivation of Euonymus

 Location and lighting

As a rule, this plant likes rich sunlight, can tolerate the direct rays, should not, however, in the summer at noon to leave it in the sun.

Variegated plants it is not desirable to place it in the shade, because without the sun the leaves lose their color. All varieties love the fresh air, so in the summer to grow well on the balcony or on the dacha.


The most acceptable summer temperature at which the Euonymus feels good to 23 degrees. In warmer conditions it grows worse. In the winter, to avoid loss of leaf is not to avoid a strong reduction of the temperature: at least +12 degrees.

Watering and humidity

One of the components proper care of this plant, especially in the summer – regular abundant watering. In the period of active growth of the earth cannot be allowed to dry.

If irrigation is very scarce, can wither and fall off the leaves. Reduce watering in autumn and winter. In the winter, on the contrary, plants are more harmful excess moisture than the lack of it, often leads to root rot.

Not like this flower dry air, so when growing in a room in the summer need to pay attention to spraying clean water. Periodically, the plant needs a warm shower procedure.


Feed the plant monthly from spring to autumn, this use of mineral fertilizers.

Transplantation and propagation

Transplanted Euonymus each year while the plant is still young, and in adulthood in 2-3 years or if the pot has become too small. For soil use a light, nutrient-rich soil.

The best option is a mixture of turf, leaf soil, peat and coarse sand. These components take in the ratio of 2:3:1:1. At the bottom be sure to put drainage. In spring the plant is also pruned to create a more harmonious crown.

Reproduction is performed, as a rule, cuttings in spring or summer. Choose not lignified cuttings and root in the soil, rooting occurs within 2 months.

Pests and fight with them

Euonymus are often subject to attack schitovki, spider mite and aphids. Their presence is indicative yellowing of leaves, appearance of spider or small insects.

Get rid of parasites by using special tools. To prevent their appearance, the plant is periodically washed with a lather of soap and wash off with warm water.

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