Eucharis — care at home


Though this plant in natural conditions and used to live under the shadow of the majestic coniferous trees in Latin America, but this does not mean that he will not be comfortable on the window sills of our compatriots.

Eucharis (in the language of the Greeks – graceful) attracts gardeners delicate aroma and amazing buds.

The Europeans call this representative Amaryllidaceae «Amazon Lily», but actually flowers Eucharis more like daffodils, which we used to see on their beds.

Eucharis — care tips

 Location and lighting

In nature Eucharis lives in the shadows. Therefore, at room conditions, you should place the plant so that it did not fall to direct sunlight. The sills of the Windows, facing South, is better to exclude.

But the lack of light can have a negative impact on the ability of the Eucharis to bloom.

In summer the plant it is desirable to relocate the fresh air, choosing a place where the flower will not be baking sun. The best option is a gazebo or canopy normal to prevent getting to Eucharis precipitation.


Growing yourself Eucharis, it is necessary to monitor temperature – the plant does not like temperature changes. A sharp decline in degree can affect flowering.

In winter, the plant is best kept at room temperature, trying to protect him from colds». Eucharis is very heat-loving and in gratitude for the attention, can bloom not only in autumn but also in spring.

Watering and humidity

As for watering, Eucharis in this regard is not whimsical. The main thing is to make sure that doesn’t dry out the root system. Therefore, watering is done from the tray. However, it is impossible to keep the water in there stagnant.

But to water the plant should be cautious, trying to keep the water from getting on the inflorescence. Better in this period Eucharis «wash» by rubbing its leaves from dust with a damp soft cloth.


Since the beginning of the growing season any plants need extra «power». Here Eucharis need to be fed regularly (every 15 days to a period of rest) mineral fertilizers.

For this approach integrated tools for houseplants. Dissolve the part you need by following the recommendations on the package.

Transplantation and propagation

Often transplant Eucharis is not recommended – better to do the handling once in 4 years. Make sure that the bulbs, cuttings would not decay. It is the «colonial» their co-existence provides the plant good flowering.

It is necessary to take into account when breeding. You can’t seat the bulbs Eucharis alone – only in «companies» of 3-4 children. But all of them completely separated from the «motherboard» or main plant may die.

The transplant and reproduction plants produce only in March. In other months it is better to leave the flower alone.

Eucharis - care at home

Pests and fight with them

Eucharis are very nutritious for all kinds of pest plants (scale insects, aphids, spider mites). If Amazon Lily not to care, it will very quickly become for them «a tasty morsel».

With the appearance of parasites Eucharis need to be processed mechanically with a cotton swab dipped in soapy water solution. Then, if it will not give proper results, the plants are sprayed with insecticides (best – aktellikom).

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