Escholzia — planting and care

Escholzia - landing

When in bloom this plant, lawn with Escholzia can be taken for deposits of gold, shimmers in the sun.

What exactly happened with the miners of Spain, who in the 16th century. went to the coast of California in search of happiness.

Saw Golden reflections, they unanimously rushed to mine gold and was a huge disappointment.

To give you the «Sunny smiles» maybe this plant for a long time – since the first days of summer and till the frost.

Feature Eshsholtsiya is that each flower lives not more than 4 days, but it is replaced by a new one. So the bed will always look as dense bright carpet.

Planting and care escholzia

Despite the fact that the plant is stably stand the cold, landing Eshsholtsiya should take place after the procedure stratification. How this will happen, depends on the time when Escholzia planted (spring or winter).

It is recommended to sow the plant in the autumn in the open ground, where the seeds safely spend the winter and early spring will give a lot of seedlings, which will only thin out.

«Winter» planting Eshsholtsiya will give stronger individuals who will bloom earlier planted in the spring. In this case, the stratification will take place by natural means.

Leaving seeds for planting in the spring, send them to the storage in the bottom compartment of the fridge (this is another way to prepare planting material by similarity). Get them in April to plant the seedlings.

To do this, use peat tablets each Cup, place one seed. Before sprouting containers should be kept covered (with glass or plastic bag).

Seedling Escholzia care includes the following:

  • regular watering (but not waterlogging);


  • mineralization after 2 weeks of similarities;


  • hardening of the seedlings.



Even after hardening, do not rush to plant the seedlings in the ground as long as stabiliziruemost the optimum temperature.

While you can prepare the site for the beds. If land with high acidity, neutralize this by using wood ash or dolomite added during digging.

Landing Eshsholtsiya is carried out in the wells that must be located not less than centimeters in 30

Escholzia care

from each other, branched bushes are sprawling plants.

To plant the seedlings in the peat pill, in which they were grown. Sprinkled on top of the ground, seal and pour.

Continue to water the plant only in dry periods. Under normal conditions the colors enough natural moisture in the form of rain.

But tilling the land should be regular in the garden where the flower grows.

Extra care escholzia is fertilizing mineral fertilizer before flowering (fresh organic matter is eliminated entirely).

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