Episcia — care at home


In the Antilles and in tropical latitudes of South America is the land of forests covered with a «living carpet» of vines.

Episcia by its nature has a different color of the leaves. And this creates an underfoot amazing patterns that are «woven» yellow, white, red, pink small flowers plants.

At room conditions Episcia grow basket, hanging flower pots in pots or placing them on a special «roller coaster.»

Hanging leaf stalks will be a good addition to any interior design.

Episcia care tips

 Location and lighting

The name of this plant can be translated as «shadow». So Episcia – not a big fan of sunlight. But this does not mean that the flower should be placed away from the window. Excessive shading could adversely affect the saturation of color paint plants.

The best place to put the flower pot will be Eastern and Western sills where the Windows and hang blinds or curtains that provide scattering of the light flux.


Episcia very picky about the temperature of the air in the room. At any time of the year it needs to be maintained within +22-25C. A drop in temperature below +18°C may lead to the death of the plant.

But we should not forget about the freshness of the air. Therefore, at the time of airing of the room Episcia have to stand in another room, the plant is afraid of drafts.

Watering and humidity

As Episcia is a native of the tropical forests, it is very demanding to air humidity. Therefore it is necessary to install in the premises certain treatment. Watering the plant is not due to the fuzzy surface of the leaves.

The main attention will be paid to the glaze – and it is at the bottom. The pan should always be placed damp clay. Excess water drain out better. The frequency of watering during the hottest time of the year – in 2-3 days, less often in the winter.


Fertilize Episcia should also with caution, making mineral components in the basal layer of earth. Allowed and surface recharge in the upper layers of the ground (but gently!).

The power of Episcia it is possible to apply complex fertilizers for houseplants. But the concentration for this flower make 2 times weaker. Feeding is carried out from the beginning of the vegetation period and ends with the onset of autumn.

Transplantation and propagation

As Episcia very actively growing, repot it needs annually in the spring in pots of large diameter. And for 5-7 days after treatment the plant should be kept in a darkened room with high humidity.

To propagate Episcia any of the traditional methods. Only here the breeding of plants through seeding – the process laborious,

Episcia - care at home

therefore, it is not popular among gardeners.

It is better to use leaf cuttings or stalk cuttings, which root the greenhouse method.

Pests and fight with them

Episcia pests do not like. But if the plant became the object destruction, it needs to spray any insecticide composition. For greater efficiency, the procedure was repeated several times with an interval of a week.

If the «enemy» were the nematodes, the affected cuttings are cut, ground throw, and the flower pot deep fried.

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