Epipremnum care at home

Epipremnum - eye

This plants an unusual name, and in Russian it sounds like — «in the trunk».

The Greeks called him Epipremnum.

The fault of the nicknames have a way of development of the plant is a vine, crawling on the trunks of trees, walls of houses and fences.

At home Epipremnum able to twine their branches.

Besides the beautiful leaf blades from plants and blossoms appear. It gives fruit in the form of berries.

Caring for Epipremnum at home

This plant belongs to the family of polupation possessing also aerial roots. Based on these features the home flower Epipremnum care should be created sufficiently close to the natural environment.

The temperature should not be below +250C in summer and +150C in winter. Feels uncomfortable plant on the drafts.

Lighting plays a big role in the development of the plants, so Epipremnum grows well in shaded areas.

But if you are concerned about the saturation of colors on the leaves of plants, it is best to provide him with access to sunlight in delivery quantities. But the rays must dissipate.

Humidity also does not apply to the personal requirements of the vines. But still from time to time to arrange a warm soul, or at least dust off the leaves with a damp cloth.

Glaze should be fairly moderate in the winter in a cool room is generally limited. From excess moisture the plant begins to «weep.»

Fertilizer for the Epipremnum will suit those that are used for decorative foliage plants. In summer, the frequency of feedings – every ten days in winter – 2 times for the entire rest period.

Signs of violation of modes of care

The battle for the beauty of Epipremnum is an important part of plant care. About the extent of his fortune vine «tell» appearance.

  • If the leaves have faded – you «overfed» plant with bright light.


  • The disadvantage of lighting can be identified by small leaves. For this reason, they lose their diversity.


  • The Nov from the lower parts of the vines to scare you should not is leave the old leaves. But if you went a massive «strip», you again violated the light regime (too shaded), or not Epipremnum - eye

    fertilize the plant.

If you want to have a beautiful interior in the living design, love the flower Epipremnum care of which and will be the key to comfort in your home.

And it not only will refresh the situation in the apartment – these plants are perfectly ionize the air.

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