Epiphyllum — care at home


We used to imagine the cacti in the form of small spiny «hedgehog-balls».

But in nature there are other members of this family.

Epiphyllum looks like a Bush, hung the long toothed leaves with spines. Actually it stems located on the tree trunk.

A feature of this Ferocactus can be considered frequent flowering. For the beauty and surprising form fragrant flowers of the Epiphyllum cactus is also called the Orchid.

If you are lucky, you can get plants and edible juicy fruit. But you need to give the Epiphyllum special attention.

Epiphyllum — care tips

 Location and lighting

For good growth and flowering cactus need a lot of light. But this is not to avoid contact with the plant the direct rays of the sun. Therefore, the best place to set a flower, needs to be East or West window.

Summer is recommended leafy cactus «walk» in the fresh air. And, again, you must select a shady, but well lit place in suburban area to Epiphyllum feel comfortable.


This plant does not like heat. It is therefore necessary to maintain the air temperature in the range 22-25°C. In summer on the street this is impossible to achieve, so the Epiphyllum placed on the site, where there is air movement.

The next year the plant had the power to blossom he needs a temporary rest. So in winter Epiphyllum better to send into the room where it will be maintained at a temperature in the range of 10-16°C.

Watering and humidity

Despite the fact that Epiphyllum belongs to the cactus family, to water it regularly as it dries the top layer of the earth, because in natural conditions it grows in wet forests. In winter, watering is reduced to a minimum, and sometimes stops altogether.

To the same humidity the cactus is not demanding. But in the hot season the plant is better to spray soft water pooled. Especially needed is a «rain» if the Epiphyllum blooms.


To feed the plants need fertilizers for cacti. The dressing is made in the ground from the beginning of flowering and before dormancy with regularity in 2 weeks.

In the summer it is recommended to apply additional organic matter in the form of mullein or of fertilizers containing nitrogen. Winter fertilizers should be avoided.

Transplantation and propagation

If you want to achieve abundant flowering Epiphyllum is better to have a close flower pot. Transplant carried out when the plant will be really crowded in the old tank. To move in a new pot Epiphyllum needed immediately after flowering.

When transplanting a cactus can be divided into 2 bushes that are placed in different pots. Epiphyllum are also propagated by leaf cuttings, of which

Epiphyllum - care at home

must drain off any excess juice. If you manage to collect seeds is also a good planting material.

Pests and fight with them

Epiphyllum attracts pests such as mealybug, aphids and scale insects. Due to the large number of leaf stalks mechanical removal of insects may not give the desired effect.

Therefore, the plant is abundantly sprayed with insecticides, in 10 days repeat the procedure again.

But more dangerous for the Epiphyllum have parasites, and viral diseases. In any infection it is recommended the affected stems be destroyed, carefully cut them with a knife under the barrel.

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