Enclosure for the dog on the dacha with his hands

the enclosures for the dogs with their hands

Among gardeners, who most of the time they spend on your favorite country, over time, the question arises: «can start to fight the dog?».

Many decide it in a positive way.

Primarily for the protection of the site, and then at home in the apartment is not everyone can afford to get a large dog breed.

But not all think that you first need to take care of the construction of the booth and to make an aviary for a dog, so as not to regret later on dug trampled beds and flower beds.

Protect area for your four-legged friend you can with your hands.

The enclosures for the dogs with their hands

Place under the enclosure, it is desirable to withdraw the side near the gate that the dog was an overview of the input areas, and possibly the whole yard.

Enclosure for dogs need space for the pet able to eat and relax, but also to move freely.

The area should be protected from wind and direct sunlight. The floor of the aviary, make wood, in any case do not leave the earth and not batonrouge. It can be dangerous to the health of the dog.

Wood flooring treat antifungal and water-repellent composition. Also the floor should be at a slight slope, so that it can be washed under running water from a hose.

The perimeter of the enclosure wall of the steel rod, or rebar. For the winter period it is necessary to provide wooden boards, which can be easily assembled and, if necessary, be dismantled in the summer.

Most owners guard dogs, I believe that animal enough to put on a chain and put next to the booth so that the area was protected.

This option is suitable only for those who care about four-legged friend, and they do not wish to do dog.

Thus, these gardeners can jeopardize your health and others and to grow a «monster».

In fact, training is important if you want to raise a good pet in the first place, start building a cage for the dog.

Teach your puppy from the beginning to its territory, so he went into the garden.

Animal better to walk outside the territory of suburban area. It should be understood that only desire to defecate to run, dig and chew on the branches.

Returning from a walk, the dog must calm themselves to go to the aviary in its place. The size of the enclosure and doghouse in the country completely depend on the parameters of the pet.

Dog breeders recommend the area for maintenance of the dog no less than 8-10 sq. m. Height about 2 meters.

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