Electrochlorinator three rules: efficiency, economy, ecology


Along with the issue of improving the efficiency of agricultural processes is no less pressing problems of economy and careful attitude to nature and their health.

In the arena there are new solutions, including in the field of agricultural machinery.

The use of technology in the country

On large garden plots, as well as adjacent territories is almost impossible to do without special gardening technique.

Effective care for the land must be regular and include a variety of operations, including cultivation, fertilizing, weeding, hoeing, mowing grass, cleaning and clearing the area.

To do all this manually without enormous expenditure of time and forces difficult, especially independently, without the involvement of assistants.

That is why in gardens and farms became so popular mini tractor, buy, use and maintain is not difficult.

He has a number of advantages, helping to reduce the complexity of some works and increase their efficiency.

But some of the mini tractor, despite its relative compactness, it is not comfortable to work on small plots, flower beds, small indoor greenhouses.

First, the small size, and secondly, it burns fuel that releases harmful emissions. This makes the technique is not completely safe for health, especially in the conditions of greenhouses and nature in General.

The solution — electrochlorinator

If tractor to buy irrational in connection with the specifics of the plot or farm, it does not mean that you need to go to manual labor or to change the scope of activities.

Enough to pay attention to alternative sources of supply. One of them is the constant companion of our lives — electricity.

Electric motors known to mankind for a long time, but modern, compact but high-capacity batteries literally «untie the hands», making equipment mobile, virtually independent of the outlet (with the exception only of the need for periodic charging).

Thus was invented the electric cultivator — lightweight, practical and environmental cultivator motor.

The advantages of modern electrochlorinators

Unlike bulky traditional small tractors or walking tractors electromotively have a fairly compact and lightweight design, convenient to storage, maintenance and transport.

In turn, the compact is absolutely no effect on improved performance and functionality of the device.

This ensures easy tool control and maneuverability in areas with different topography and soil.

Agricultural technology greatly simplifies the work on the local area and electrochlorinator helps to perform it with pleasure.

The electric cultivator is ideal for flower beds, enclosed spaces (greenhouses, hothouses) or simply small country and personal plots.

The functionality allows you to quickly and efficiently carry out several operations cultivating, loosening soil, weeding.

While it’s easy to choose the best cultivator on the power of technical and operational characteristics of the presented models in the specialized shops of «Lucky».

As for the pressing question of cost, here electrochlorinator has a significant advantage over diesel equipment. With the cultivator to work in the area would be easier, nicer and faster.

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