Ehmeya — care at home


Sometimes you look at a plant and think it is unpretentious and homely.

But this is the time to time. It is worth it to bloom, everything changes.

And so Aechmea: the leaves are collected in a common outlet, their appearance novice grower will not attract.

But after seeing his amazing blossoms, it is impossible not to fall in love with this representative Ramilyevich.

To admire this beauty from March to late autumn. But it is worth Ehmee to wither, and adult rosette dies (just fly-by-night kind!). Fortunately, the plant gives children. So there is a chance to enjoy the flowering Ehmei every year.

Ehmeya — care at home

 Location and lighting

Aechmea demanding environment. The plant will suit any location. But the more comfortable to feel it on the East and West Windows. Summer flower can be put on the balcony.

To the coverage of plants also have specific requirements. It grows well in partial shade and under direct sunlight. Is that transplanted children is best not to stand directly under a bright light. Let you get used to it gradually.


But the temperature for Ehmei need to survive by following her biological clock. In summer, the optimum limit for plants is +27 º C. «Sleep» flower prefers at lower temperatures is +16-18°C.

Exposing Aechmea in the warm season of the year to the balcony, do not be afraid of changes in temperature between day and night. The plant is a natural cycle.

Watering and humidity

In natural conditions Aechmea grows in the southern marshland. Therefore, the humidity for the plants is important. When humidity is low the tips of the leaves of the flower begin to dry.

Watering Aechmea in the home should moderate (and less frequently in winter than in summer), as the drying of the upper soil layer. Should avoid getting water into the socket, gently inserting the watering can under the leaves.


Additional powered Ahmee is only necessary during the period of its flowering. At a different time to Deposit the fertilizer in the flower pot is not necessary.

As feeding will fit any universal fertilizer for houseplants. Make it the traditional way 2 times a month.

Transplantation and propagation ehmei

Transplant Aechmea at home makes no sense. As mentioned above, after flowering it dies. Yes, and the transplant is still not a flowering plant may simply not move and die prematurely.

But kids who have formed flower, of course, should be deposited in individual pots (along with part of the root system). The capacity should not be large otherwise Aechmea will not be long to bloom.

The plant produces seeds, which you can also propagate this flower room.

Pests ehmei and fight with them

Ehmeya - care at home

Aechmea plant to a certain extent poisonous. But he even in the indoor environment if not properly care annoying pests.

If you notice in the socket or on leaves mealybug, insects can be removed by treating the plant with a normal medical alcohol (use soft brush).

Another pest, partial to Ahmee – scale. We can deal with it, spray the plant with a systemic insecticide means.

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