Ehinokaktus of Gruson — care at home


«Hedgehog on the windowsill» is about Ehinokaktus of Gruson.

And all because the ribbed base of adult specimens thickly covered with long rigid spines.

But it is not only «defensive weapons» plants – in this way he protects himself from the scorching rays of the Mexican sun.

In nature, there are many types of Echinocactus. And they all grow to large sizes.

How room «hedgehog» popular «Ehinokaktus of Gruson», named after the German scientist, a great lover of cacti.

Echinocactus of Gruson — care tips

 Location and lighting

Despite the fact that Ehinokaktus «concealed» from the sun, their spines, to live without his bright rays, he can not. Therefore, the plant should provide good lighting at any time of the year.

But the children of Echinocactus to the sun should be taught gradually, defining the initial location of prichenennye window.


As heat-loving plant, Ehinokaktus difficulty tolerate low temperatures. So in winter it is impossible to prevent lowering of the room temperature not below +12°C.

In the summer, for plants any temperature – grace. Therefore, you can safely send Ehinokaktus to the country or to put on an outdoor balcony.

Watering and humidity

«It is better not to top up than strain» is about Ehinokaktus. The plant safely tolerate dry soil. To avoid rotting of the roots should be equipped in a flower pot of good drainage system. At low temperatures watering generally should be excluded.

The humidity in the room where growing Ehinokaktus, should be low. But in the hottest period of the plant that lives in the house, you from time to time to arrange a warm «rain».


If the cactus and requires special feeding, then you can do it only in the period from may to July. In all other months chemistry can go only to the detriment of the plant. Need to feed the plant with special preparations for the cactus. Frequency of feeding – 1 time in 2 weeks.

Transplantation and propagation of Echinocactus

To transplant the little «hedgehog» is recommended every year. When Ehinokaktus will reach the age of 5 years, the transplant is carried out in 2-3 years. To propagate the plant the best seeds.

Sometimes use and method of vaccination. But not straight, namely a cascade, using other types of cacti.

Ehinokaktus of Gruson - care at home

Pests and fight with them

Mealybugs, mites and scale insects are major pests that are not afraid of thorns Echinocactus. With the appearance of the parasites of the plant must be washed under running warm water.

But this should be done carefully so as not to wet the soil under the flower. If this procedure doesn’t help, then Ehinokaktus of Gruson treated with special chemicals.

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