Eggplant for the winter — recipes

Baklajani for the winter - recepti

Eggplant (in common parlance – a blue) have a high nutritional value.

And one of its features is to prevent the development of cancer.

This vegetable is often necessary to include in their menu, especially in winter.

Despite the fact that eggplant does not lose its properties during heat treatment, try a few pounds of this vegetable to preserve for the winter fresh.

Eggplant for the winter — storage

The darker purple shade, the more suitable for food little blue. Even a small lighter color indicates that the product has a bitterness that comes from the darkened seeds.

Storage choose elastic, undamaged eggplant with stems at least 3 cm of stacking vegetables in piles – before the frost. The storage should not be heated (the temperature in the range of 5-70C and relative humidity of 85%).

Store eggplant in the winter with a bunch (but not bulk), laying the stalks down. As lining thickness of 20 cm using a straw. The fruits on top of it is a sacking.

As such, the eggplant kept for 2 weeks, and then sorted.

Quality the fruits are separately wrapped in clean paper and placed again on the Mat. Cover becomes more dense to 4 layers of burlap.


When «hit» frost, eggplant a bunch of wrap up with a blanket (on top you can optionally put a layer of straw).

Canned eggplant for the winter

Blue salted, fermented, pickled. The conservation are fresh fruits or their boiled, baked, fried. Used in capping whole or cut into slices (slices, dices).

There are numerous recipes canning stuffed eggplant. Prepare for the winter eggs, sauces, ketchup and other dishes from this product.

One article is not able to accommodate all this diversity. But in some recipes eggplant for the winter to stay.

Greek. Need a small pear-shaped fruit. They are quite good fried in burnt oil. First the eggplant for the winter in the middle with a knife make deep cuts. Blue when cool, the incisions are placed filling of fried onions, salt and herbs.

Twist the tomatoes into a puree and boiled. Previously each Bank poured tomato (2 fingers), then stacked the eggplant and completely filled with sauce (2.5 kg tomato – 3 tbsp of sugar and salt, pepper to taste). You need to sterilize half-liter jars for 1 hour, the litre – 1.5 hours.

Sauce of eggplant for the winter. From the fruit you must first remove the bitterness. For this purpose the fruit is cut lengthwise into strips 20 cm thick Prisoliv, stand for half an hour, then wash off with water. Roll in flour, fry both

Baklajani for the winter - recepti

of the parties.

Prepare the tomato mass, uvarivaja cut the tomatoes in half volume.

Here then lay the fried eggplants, onions, and carrots. Then added the sliced peppers, herbs, sweet and bitter pepper, salt.

Put out on a slow fire for hours, the sauce is Packed cans and sterilized.

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