Echeveria care at home


For the lazy gardeners nature if specially created succulent plants, undemanding to forgetfulness owners to care for them.

It is to such individuals that does not require frequent watering, and is «the stone rose».

Called Echeveria because its leaves gathered in a beautiful rosette, similar to a green flower.

And above it rise during flowering yellow-orange bells, adding plant decoration.

Echeveria — care tips

 Location and lighting

The place of «birth» Echeveria believe desert latitudes of Mexico. So the plant likes to «bask in the sunlight. But in especially hot days, still the window in the southern areas, where it will grow Echeveria, it is recommended to slightly pritenyat.

Those growers with plots, «stone rose» for the summer endure to fresh air. Echeveria will be a great decoration for any rock garden.


The plant is able to transfer the intense heat. So in the summer the problems with Echeveria will not. But in winter it is desirable to maintain the indoor temperature not below +15°C.

The sharp drop of the temperature below this limit should be short, otherwise the leaves «the stone roses» will be nipped by the frost.

Watering and humidity

Echeveria – a true representative of the desert: water it should be in the warm period of 1 week, winter 1 time per month. The ground under «the stone flower» should have time to dry out to a depth of 5 cm Stagnant water in the sump it is better to avoid.

As for humidity, for Echeveria it should be below normal. Spray the plant is not recommended. But «wash» the leaves periodically to prevent pest control.


From spring until October Echeveria need to be fed, making liquid fertilizer directly into the soil. As top dressing, use only mineral preparations for succulents.

The solution in this case should be weaker concentration. Fertilizing is not more than 1 time per month. Excess fertilizer can be detrimental to the root system of the plant.

Transplantation and propagation

Young Echeveria transplanted every spring. In adults it is recommended to simply change the top layer of soil in a flower pot. But to go with the flower very carefully due to the fragility of its socket.

«Stone rose» gives kids who will be weaned as an independent plant. After flowering Echeveria can be propagated and leaf

Echeveria care in Domashni conditions

cuttings. If you were able to collect the seeds, they are planted in the ground in February-March.

Pests and fight with them

Echeveria rarely annoying pests. But if from time to time do not wipe it with a smooth damp cloth leaves, the plant can live colonies of aphids or spider mites.

More «stone rose» suffers from excess moisture. To avoid getting infected with rot, you need to maintain the irrigation regime, while being careful that no water got into the socket.

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