Early grape varieties — names and description

Early varieties of grapes

New harvest of grapes begins to delight its first berries in the last days of July.

So if you want to get big and early harvest, is to grow early varieties of grapes.

Besides, it is economically profitable, because the early varieties of grapes always have a great demand among buyers, and efficient, because then the defeat of brushes of various diseases excluded.

The period of active growth in average ranges from 95 to 110 days.

The sort of «early Russian». The Bush is of moderate dimensions, the clusters are elongated but not thickened. Berries large. Rounded Shape, color crimson-pink with a darker shade.

The weight of berries up to 5 gr., a lot of sugar, taste sweet, crisp flesh. The yield is high, even in the presence of multiple inflorescences. Grade transportable, not afraid of the frost -23°C, resistant to diseases.

The Sort Of «Lada-2». Rapid aging in just 125 days. Berry is not small, weighing up to 8 oz. The color is yellow-green. Brush voluminous than 1.5 kg. the Taste is pleasant, with a delicate hint of nutmeg. The rind is not thick. Productivity every year. Different resistance to strong frost and disease. Shoots powerful.

The Sort Of «Transformation». After the start of active growth in puberty begins about on day 115. The clusters are powerful on average can weigh up to 1.5 kg.

Fruit size up to a huge 18 oz. and above with a pleasant taste, shape ovate, color mainly pink.

Early varieties of grapes, giving a significant yield, and Conversion is no exception. The survival of seedlings is good and grow for a short time.

Thanks to its resistance to frost, this variety can be successfully grown in various regions of the country. High demand from buyers. Grapes are not susceptible to disease.

The Sort Of «Purple». Very resistant to frost and various diseases. The bunches are small, averaging only 150 gr. Berries sealed, juicy, with Muscat aroma and low number of seeds.

Color purple, the shape of round berries. For eating fresh it is better to harvest in early September. For canning it is recommended to give the berries a little to Mature before the end of September. Is high-yielding.

The Sort Of «Gourmet». The main harvest in late summer. Bushes medium. The shape of the brush is cylindrical, weighing up to 600 gr. One grape has a weight of 9 grams.

Color deep pink, great taste. Maturing within 125 days. Different cold tolerance and disease resistance.

The Sort Of «Magarach». Aging in just 120 days, the harvest begins in late August. Marked by high productivity.

Thanks to the rapid maturation is not affected rot, but may be affected by mildew. Also does not tolerate frost. Recommended to grow in the southern regions.

Early grape varieties - names and description

The sort of «pink Muscat». Like other grape varieties has a pleasant original taste. The brush is not large about 200 gr. but some berries have up to 18 mm. Shape round.

On the skin the wax is present layering. Pink color, delicate taste very sweet. Some berries may meet up to four bones. Bushes medium.

Fruiting average. In cold regions almost does not survive, so it is recommended to grow in the southern Crimea.

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