Dvuhmestnoe beekeeping – basic concepts

Dvuhmestnoe the keeping of bees

Beekeepers who have behind shoulders considerable experience, know that taking a large amount of marketable honey is possible only in the presence of strong families.

But for those who have no experience, you should understand what is meant dvuhmestnoe the keeping of bees.

One bee colony take two of the uterus.

This is to ensure that, after a long winter, bee colonies develop rapidly, and was fully prepared for the beginning of the main honey flow, and also that after hard work the bees can easily recover their strength.

Dvuhmestnoe the keeping of bees

If you compare the bee colony with one Queen and a family with two Queens, a second performance almost doubles.

Dvuhmestnoe beekeeping implies the Association of the fragile families ahead of the winter period or after it.

Also, you might need it if the family killed the Queen bee. The system dvuhnitochnogo keeping of bees is also equivalent to the Union of the hives before the main harvest.

The essence of this approach is to strengthen the family at the expense of another. Thus there is no swarming, and the power of the family increases and remains at this level all season.

Dvuhmatchevyh the theory of beekeeping can be divided into three key groups:

  • 1. Multiplication of bees takes place by means of a flight species of bees;


  • 2. One bee colony increases brood from the second;


  • 3. Weak or ordinary family joins strong, or equivalent to the families.

These techniques can be applied jointly or separately. All will depend on what goals the beekeeper, the General state of families, from when comes the main harvest of honey, and some of his tension.

To dvuhmestnoe the keeping of bees to work, we need to organize the presence of a nucleus. This occurs most often in the middle of may or in the summer time last year, when blooming honey plants.

Summer layering appear Queen cells (nucleuses). In the spring, these cuttings need to be supported from the main families of capped brood. This method is used in regions where bribery is used in early spring.

Dvuhmestnoe the keeping of bees in hives Multihull

If the area is of intensive or a short honey flow, the family reinforce the flight of bees. For this purpose, use

Dvuhmestnoe the keeping of bees

tiered hives.

They are engaged in the formation of the nucleus over the main family. On the bottom of the separation in the upper part of the cover hole, and the bottom open about 1 cm down.

At this level one will lead to the nest core of the family. At the same time on the reverse side branch need to open the notches at the top.

As a result, after the upper notches of the flight bees will follow the honey, and on the way back it will be closed.

The lower bee-entrance is opened, where the bees will come. In the end, the bees placed in the nest with the mother’s family.

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