Dudley — care at home


Is a representative of the family Crassulaceae, native to Mexico and the United States, named in honor of Stanford University Professor William Dudley.

This low-growing, perennial, deciduous plants, with elongated, almost cylindrical, succulent leaves, when viewed from above resemble green with white bloom stars.

The leaves should not be touched, because it is very easy to wash powdery coating, and the plant will not seem so attractive.

This is usually rosette plants, but there are shrubs to 40 cm tall. The flowers can be in color from white and yellow to pink and red. There are about 40 species of Dudley.

Growing Dudley

 Location and lighting

The plant likes bright sunlight, it can even tolerate direct sunlight. Therefore it is better to grow on the South window to maintain the dense bloom and good form.


In winter the temperature should be less than in the summer, but not below 7 degrees. In summer it is necessary to create a flow of fresh air.

Watering and humidity

Spring and summer watering 1 every 2 weeks, in hot days – 1 time a week. In the autumn, watering is reduced to a minimum. In the winter, so Dudley had not been dried, watered 1 time per month. To spray impossible.


Feeding is carried out fertilizer for succulents, which contains a lot of potassium, over the summer no more than 2-3 times.

Transplantation and propagation

Do transplant in the spring or fall of the low pot, which is larger than the previous one, in a mixture of clay or a mixture of coarse sand, soilless substrate and fine gravel, provided that the roots are not placed in an old pot. To propagate, if the implant is cut quite the socket – this method is called cuttings.

A few years on Dudley formed of a group of sockets, which are neatly cut with a sharp knife from the base of the plant, without damaging the coating.

The cut surface is treated with powder from the root of hormones that the plants did not appear infection.Next, the cuttings are allowed to dry for several days and then planted in small pots and for the first time, namely 2-3 weeks not water.

Pests and fight with them

May be affected by aphids, while the leaves start to blacken. In pest control will help treatment with a special drug.

You may also see the mealybug, which is enough to deduce the problem. To combat it, usually used protivoraketnyi drug.

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