Duck Molardi – breeding in house conditions

Duck Molardi – breeding

The progenitors of this breed is the Muscovy ducks Beijing ducks of the species.

Do not believe sellers who claim that duck molardi able to have offspring, it has been proved that this can not be because they are sterile.

That is why for cultivation leave them no need. Even if the drakes will be the «cover» of ducks, the eggs will remain unfertilized.

The proof is experience. But as for meat, molardi even before three months have about 4 kg, while meat is very tasty.

Care muerdeme

Caring for ducks with muerdeme time-consuming. Requires the observance of a temperature mode, room lighting and proper feeding.

Therefore, the temperature in uttica should be on average from +20°C to +22°C near the heating source is not more than +30°C. the clear, warm weather the birds can be walked.

As for the lighting, in the early days of lighting during the day, and since 11 day tatnic should be illuminated most of the day.

As bedding use dry grass or straw, but with the addition of hydrated lime. You cannot use sawdust to nestlings, naliases not perish.

Ducklings that have just hatched, to eat their own do not know how, so you’ll have to Tinker in order to teach them this.

Chicks begin to feed from the pipette slightly pink solution of manganese. Then you can cook hard-boiled eggs and mix with the boiled porridge.

Boiled egg can be given an initial 10 days. Spread the mixture on paper and spread before the young. On the third day the ducklings will be able to eat on their own.

It is now possible to give finely chopped greens, and on the tenth day, introduce boiled mashed potatoes. For Chicks it is better to buy a starter feed. Also, veterinarians recommend buy antibiotics and vitamins.

Within the first month you need to feed the young with milk and cheese, but not greasy. About the second week it is recommended to give the duckweed. This will help the Chicks grow better. Duckweed caught in the pond net.

And it is better so the birds were swimming on their own, because then it is enough to give them 3 times a day combined feed, and at monthly age it is possible to feed only two times.

Multam the ducks need crushed egg shells, because it is a natural source of vitamin. In small quantities allowed to give chalk, limestone, coquina.

It is desirable that feed and mineral supplements were created in different capacity. For better digestion give gravel.

The basic food for the ducks Molotov there are different animals and algae that the ducks can get on the paddock. Before the age of three feed works on strengthening the body and building muscle mass.

During this period, the fat accumulates. In food you can include food waste, bran and dairy products. During the summer season grows good meat duck.

Pitching, Molardi

The size of the room build at the rate of 3 birds on the square. And in the paddock area must not be less than the square on the specimen.

After about two months duck molardi ready to slaughter. But it is important to know that at the age of 70 days in ducks molt begins, they begin to lose weight and carcass is very difficult to pluck.

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