Duck – breeding in the country

domestic ducks

Duck considered the most popular bird for breeding at home.

The birds are raised mainly for meat production because it has a delicate taste and are much fatter than chicken.

Also, ducks lay eggs, but because of the specific taste their use is intended mainly for making mayonnaise and other products.

In addition, eggs are considered an excellent material to remove the young. When breeding domestic ducks can get feathers. They go into the making of blankets and pillows. And even duck brood is considered to be the best fertiliser in comparison with other poultry.

So, what you need to think before you buy ducks? For poultry needs the poultry house, which can be any room.

The ducks will be as comfortable as possible, if the room is warm in winter and cool in summer. When the equipment pay special attention to the floor, which must be raised to a height of 25 cm above the soil surface.

This is done in order to prevent penetration of rodents into the premises. Still need straw, a layer of about 30 cm, may be used instead of straw large shavings, dried grass. Litter must also be in the winter, so over the summer you need to prepare the grass for future use.

Performance and good growth of young plants is affected by daylength (minimum 14 hours). If this is not possible, you can use additional lighting, it is advisable to highlight in the morning and evening.

LAZ have not blown on the winds side. Hole size 40 × 40 cm Distance from the floor in the deep litter of about 30 cm.

For breeding of domestic ducks need a range which it is possible to place both on pasture and on the pond. For need metal fence or fishing net.

The height of the fence in a pasture approximately 1 m. the water should the grid be enhanced and 70 cm above water surface set to 50 cm.

In the winter, walking on the ground to clear of snow and covered with straw to poultry in warm weather, you could go for a walk. Not allowed forced walking during below — 10°C and windy weather.

Breeding of domestic ducks is not complete without equipment. Need to construct a trough for feed and mineral admixtures. You also need a drinking bottle, but the volume as the birds drink a lot of water.

For one bird you need at least 600 ml of clean water. On the basis of this figure is calculated the needed amount of water for all birds. Drinker height is not more than 20 cm, so that the ducks could not climb into the drum.

domestic ducks

If you plan on getting eggs, you need to build a nest. For its production, you can use plywood or boards. Socket size is height 50 cm, length and width 40×50 cm

Ready the nest put in the most dark place of the barn to the birds was quiet. Any sudden or rash movements, even perhaps to scare the birds, so the aviary needs to be quiet.

Also at night you need to leave the dimmed lighting. Three ducks need one nest.

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