Drip irrigation with their hands

Drip watering crops in the garden not only saves water, but is also a faithful assistant in the care of some plants.

To save money, you can make a drip tip with your hands.

First you need to draw a plan of the garden at the cottage with symbols of plants and garden beds, depending on this to consider the location of pipes and drip hoses.

Specify all plugs and joints, it is necessary to calculate the necessary components. If the site is sloped, then pipes for water supply are arranged horizontally, and the hoses and belts under bias.

Drip watering can be done on the whole plot, and in a few seconds. The best pipes to use are plastic, they are lightweight, cheap and do not rust.

Drip irrigation pipes, and hoses laid on the ground, or suspended on poles. In any case, better to use thin-walled.

For drip irrigation where water, go to stand-alone capacity and its volume should be sufficient to at least one watering.

Stir the tank at the highest point of the garden and up to 2 meters. For drip irrigation water should be clean, thin to holes in hoses don’t hurt yourself, take care of filtration of water.

Drip irrigation with their hands

The installation of this device begin after all the beds are already made. All connections, drip irrigation system is done by using start-connectors and tees.

For tees drip irrigation pipe no need to cut, just drill holes. Dropper installed the hoses using the hole punch.

Before starting a drip irrigation system needs to be cleaned. For this serves the water and remove plugs from hoses. Rinsing is to clean water.

Cleaning of drip irrigation, harvested with your own hands to do once a month. Growing plants in your garden need moisture constantly throughout the day, so drip irrigation was run for some time several times a day.

In a properly functioning system, and each drip appears a spot of moisture with a diameter of about 30 cm, and if its size is less than or moisture is not supplied, it means that the drip is clogged and in need of repair.

With the tightness of the near droppers can form puddles. At the end of the summer season created with drip irrigation with own hands is dismantled and thoroughly washed.

The dried pipes and hoses can be stored in any room. Parts that have rubber seals to better keep warm.

As you can see drip with their hands to collect pretty difficult.

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