Dressing (processing) skins rabbit

dressing skins rabbit

To save the presentation and all the natural properties, the importance of primary dressing (processing) of hides of rabbit.

Technology primary dressing includes: removing, obrazka, degreasing with subsequent preservation of skins.

After peeling, in 2 hours start to Bradke, which is the removal of the tail, ear cartilage, tendons, pereza muscles, mammary glands and external genitalia.

The remains of the tendons and muscles of the lips and the head of the fine cut curves with scissors.

Second, you use the scraper or a knife to make degreasing of the skin (scrape off the remaining fat).

This procedure is mandatory, otherwise these deposits will slow down the drying, which in turn will lead to prelosti scrapings.

Besides, if grease gets on the hair of hides of rabbit will cause yellowing and reduces the strength of skin tissue.

Processing of rabbit skinstaken by the tube, passes into the wedge-shaped blanks or pravicah for drying, and making of skins, taken out, — on the log or Board.

Removed the fat from the flesh side only from the knuckle to the head, if you do the opposite, it may cause hair loss.


After this procedure, the membrane should be cleaned with sawdust of deciduous trees to remove fat residues.

For further tanning (treatment) or long-term storage rabbit skin must be preserved. Using two methods of fresh-dry, acid-salt.

When fresh-dry method of skin tanning is stretched on standard pravilno flesh side out, sides it should be pravilki ribs and belly and back — in the middle.

When positioned correctly the width of the skin in the middle part 3 times less than its length. The rabbit skin should be free fitting, no stretch marks, and legs symmetrically located on the splanchnic side. When stretching, will decrease the strength of the membrane and thickness of hair.

The purpose of the fresh-dry preservation of skins is to reduce the moisture content. Drying takes place at +20C — +25C, but not higher than +30C. In any case, must not be dried near heat sources and the sun.

When the acid-salt method, the skin tissue is rubbed preservative mixture, salt, aluminum potassium alum, ammonium chloride. Composition: alum 20g/l; salt 312g/l; ammonia 20g/l.

This method of processing of skins of the rabbit improves the conditions of storage and less time consuming compared to the previous.

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