Drain the Manchurian beauty — excellent variety for Siberia

Drain the Manchurian beauty

Plum is rightly called a «southerner», as it is very sensitive to cold.

But if you have to be in Siberia or the far East, we should not be surprised, having met there this culture.

Of course, this is not the plum varieties, zoned for warm regions of the Russian breeders have grown a few varieties that are resilient to climate the above areas.

Manchu beauty

The basis of selection based on the varieties of Chinese plums. The first seedlings of Asian horticulture was introduced in Russia in the second half of the twenties of the last century.

It Ussurian plum became the ancestor varieties «Manchurian beauty». In itself «Beauty» are self-fruitless. So in a couple to it for pollination should be planted plum varieties «Ussuri».

Despite the fact that Manchurian draining are not sufficiently resistant to strong frosts (more than 40 ° C), however, it is well settled in the harsh conditions.

And all, apparently, because the culture of short-term maturity fruit can be harvested in late August.

But if you do not have time to do that, then the fruits will have to raise from the land – tree very quickly dropping it. But plum is not really affected, the flesh is soft but dense enough.

The fruit of the Manchurian plums are very juicy, aromatic, with a pleasant sweet-sour taste. Pit is easily separated from the pulp, which allows the use of this variety for producing quality plums.

This fruit good in any alteration, but fresh, of course, more useful.

AGROTEKHNIKA. Features landing

Care of plum, «the Manchurian beauty» differs little from the agrotechnical measures used in southern varieties of: forming the crown and other types of pruning, combating pests and diseases, fertilizing, caring for pristupovat territory.

And sometimes the plant should be watered, although genetically the strain is drought resistant.

But the landing plum has its own specifics. «The Manchurian beauty» is the dwarf of the plant world. And attributed it rather to the category of bushes than trees.

So to land this plum better on primorochka, hills and other hills – so close to the sun and heat. But it is necessary to protect the plant from drafts.

There is another reason not to plant «Manchurian beauty» in the lowlands.

As the region, which have grown this variety for most of the year snow-covered (and

Drain the Manchurian beauty

the sediment layer is significant), the root system of the plum tree under this «blanket» will be rotting. Therefore, sick and weak to bear fruit.

You need to be attentive to the choice of soil under the plum.

She does not tolerate acidic ground and survives poorly on heavy soils of low fertility.

Despite the fact that to land the tree is on the sky, under the roots of pitch drainage system – culture does not like waterlogged.

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