Dracaena — types and names

Dracaena - ViDi

Exoticism in fashion now, and it has spread to houseplants.

Especially popular are those associated with interesting myths and legends.

It is therefore not surprising that many people began to have a Dracaena.


Dracaena is a common name for a large variety in appearance, but have the common characteristics of plants. They are all very original and, indeed, can create a cozy atmosphere.

Classification of this plant are not complicated. Dracaena has the following types:

1. The first type is called a Dragon Tree, and they do grow to about 3 meters or more. Have surround the trunks and broad leaves.

Therefore, this type of Dracaena can be kept indoors only up to a certain age. Then the tree will have to move to the street (in southern regions) or in the spacious Conservatory (if any).

2. The second type is a room option produced by breeders specifically for offices, and now to private homes.

They are more like a shrub with long narrow pointed leaves. Typical of this type of Dracaena is the lack of leaves on the lower part of the trunk, making them look like palm trees.

Both species of Dracaena are considered medicinal, so you should have a «green friend» not just for decoration.

Names of potted DracaenaIf you are interested in Dracaena, its species, that it seems that room a good option in any case. After the summer this plant can be decorated and infield. But the most popular are now considered names such as Dracaena:

  • The marginata. The people that called Dracaena Bordered from the side edge on the letter. It is unpretentious in care, so will suit a novice grower, and too busy in the street. In this type of Dracaena is a few subtypes:


  • The bicolor has a dual leaf color – green leaf framed by a red border;


  • Tricolor – with the addition of another color, beige.


  • Sunder, or «Lucky bamboo». Very beautiful Dracaena (not bamboo), undemanding in care, but requires high humidity. Often grown in test tubes with water.


  • Fragrant dracaena Dracaena deresky is the 2 subspecies of the same type of plants. They have long wide leaves, through which perfectly moisturize the air in the room. Themselves are low maintenance, so it will perfectly fit into any office interior.


  • Godsefa. Has the form of a Bush and looks nothing like the familiar to us a Dracaena. The leaves have elegant look due to its original color: the green background is scattered with cream and Golden spots. This Dracaena is so in common parlance is sometimes called Spotted or Golden.

 Dragon trees

If you want to start in the yard such Exotica as Dracaena, it is possible to choose a street type. But at the same time

Dracaena - ViDi

you need to consider that this plant comes from tropical countries, so in the harsh winters of Russia can not survive.

  • Dragon tree is a native of the Canary Islands. The name of the plant received thanks to the blood-red resin that permanently acts on a tree trunk (by the way, she is credited with healing properties and the power of the dragon).


  • Tree. It is a powerful tall tree, sometimes reaching a height of 12 m. the Crown of fans of long narrow leaves located at the top of a thick smooth trunk.


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