Dracaena Marginata care at home

Dracaena Marginata care at home

This plant is very popular among gardeners, it does not require a lot of care, so they can practice even beginners.

Illumination requirementFor the Dracaena Marginata in the home need bright light, but direct rays of the sun it will not survive.

If the Windows face South or South-East direction, then it is better to close the curtains.

The flower is not true for shade-loving plants, so if it starts to lighten the leaves, this means that inadequate lighting and pot with a Dracaena Marginata need to move up to the window or add artificial light.

WateringDracaena Marginata does not need too large quantity of water, in spring and in summer its enough to water twice a week, and in the autumn-winter period enough once. If the plant feels bad, it can dramatically drop leaves.

In this case you need to adjust the frequency of watering to prevent rotting of the root system.

If this happens, then all of the decayed pieces should be removed before living tissue and sprinkle with the crushed activated carbon.

The dracaena Marginata should be transplanted in fresh soil, the pot should not be very large. The tip of the barrel can be cut and after a while will be the young shoots.

FeedingIn nutrition Dracaena Marginata not picky, good attitude in the home to complex dressings, which should be done once in 14 days during the summer or spring, and in winter time it is enough one time for 30 days.

Also on the market are special fertilizers for the nutrition of the leaves, giving them a more saturated color and Shine.

These products are used for foliar treatment are well-suited for supporting flowers after transplanting, as the root feeding the weak roots can harm.

TemperatureVery good Dracaena Marginata at home grow at temperatures from +15 to +28 degrees. If the temperature is below 12 degrees, it is necessary to reduce watering to avoid overcooling of the substrate, otherwise the possible death of the roots and emergence of diseases.

HumidityDracaena Marginata demanding high humidity, preferably twice a day to spray it from a spray bottle.

Dracaena Marginata care at home

Lack of moisture will speak for the drying of the leaf tips.

Approximately every 6 months the plant should wash under a warm shower to wash off the dust and open the pores of the leaves.

After these procedures, Dracaena Marginata becomes well-groomed appearance and comes to life.

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