Dracaena — care at home

Dracaena - care at home

«The dragon tree», according to Japanese belief, brings good luck to the house and protects it from evil spirits.

Maybe that’s why so popular was this plant?

But Dracaena is exotic, which must adapt to our conditions. Therefore, it is important care it ha.

Dracaena – care at home

At home Dracaena «used to worshipped. Hence, we should be given more attention. Then in a flower pot will grow a lush palm tree.

• Lighting. Dracaena, though a southerner by birth, does not like direct sunlight. The appropriate location in the home – the Western and Eastern sills.

And even better – the tables are a little away from the window. This should take into account the species – the motley leaves, the better the coverage. Sometimes it can be especially for dracaena artificial lighting.

• Watering and humidity. Dracaena – vodohrescha. In the summer In the house need to be watered daily in the winter in 2 days.

Need to monitor the condition of the soil – it’s got to be a little wet. But excessive wetting can lead to disease.

Some varieties of dracaena endure the dry indoor air. But for most of them it is detrimental.

Therefore, the leaves of the plants should be sprayed every day and from time to time to make Palma a real shower. Don’t forget «generality» — wipe the leaves with a damp cloth.

• To feed. Fertilize the plant only in the active growth period (from spring to mid-autumn). This should be done every 2 weeks.

The quality of food will fit any universal remedy. That’s only for pestrolistye types you need to choose a specialized fertilizer.

• Transplant. Young individuals transplanted dracaena optionally, each year. In future a mandatory transfer to a new pot is made every 3 years, in mid-spring.

The store sells a special primer for drazenovich. Not worth it when transplanting to forget the importance of drainage.

• Reproduction. The most common method of propagation of dracaena – cuttings. The stems or the tops of roots in peat with sand. But comfortable feel and the cuttings simply in water.

In the process, you can add plant hormones or use heated from below. After 4 weeks, with good formation of roots, the sapling can be sent for permanent residence in the flower pot.

• Pests. To bother can a dracaena thrips, scale insects and spider mites. Good effective remedy is Fitoverm, who need to spray the leaves

Dracaena - care at home


• Illness. About the dry air, inadequate watering, or low temperatures, the plant will «say» the leaves change colors or falling off.

So you should change the mode, which contains dracaena.

But sometimes the lower leaves wither and fall off for no apparent reason. Don’t worry – it’s normal «November.»

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