Dolomite powder — use in the garden

Dolomite powder

For the cultivation of vegetable crops plays a big role in the condition of the soil.

And if such plants as sorrel or potatoes, can tolerate the acidity of the reaction pH of less than 4, then the rest of the vegetables like the soil would be disastrous.

For lack of another parcel will have to carry out reclamation of the soil to neutralize its acidity.

As ameliorants that improve chemical properties of the soil, often take the «hydrated», slate and wood ash, chalk or dolomite flour.

Dolomite powder

Nature has wisely taken care of everything. And in this case provided an opportunity for gardeners to improve soil fertility by using natural ingredients and minerals. Just dolomite powder is a powder of the eponymous mineral.

In addition, the tool enriches the soil in magnesium and calciun, which are the basis of its structure, powder has some other important properties.

  • By enriching the soil with beneficial trace elements, improves its structure.


  • In combination with other mineral fertilizers dolomite stimulates the rapid assimilation by the soil.


  • Thanks to the dolomite, the conditions on which to develop beneficial microorganisms that enrich the soil with oxygen.


  • At the same time harmful insects under the influence of meliorant hinnawy destroyed their cover, which leads to the death of pests.


  • Dolomite powder is a good way of neutralizing the plant radionuclides.

 Use in the garden dolomite

Flour, dolomite has become very popular in recent years among farmers, ahead rated even «hydrated». Dolomite has a more gentle action and for the soil and for plants than lime.

But the main thing is to use flour at any time, at any stage of plant development when there is a need for this.

But to use dolomite flour, for this to be evidence in the form of increased acidity, which you with certainty identified.

Otherwise, instead of improving the chemical composition of the soil to the opposite result.

The amount of flour that you plan to make to the land as fertilizer, is not random – the proportion directly dependent on the pH.

  • On a fairly acid soil (pH less than 4.5) for each one hundred square meters should take an average of 50 kg of fertilizer. Dolomite powder


  • The average degree of acidity (pH in the range 4.5 to 5.5) requires no more than 45 kg per one hundred square meters.


  • Reaction of 5,5-5,8 pH indicates a weak acidity, so the amount of dolomite should be selected even less – up to 40 kg.

To make fertilizer for the vegetable beds should be for 5-7 days before planting there crops. It is not necessary to combine the right dolomite flour with some fertilizers – can be compatible.

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