Dollar tree – care at home

Dollar tree – care at home

Zamioculcas – popularly called the «dollar tree».

It belongs to ornamental deciduous plants and has large leaves that are dark green in colour.

At home he can grow about a meter tall, the life time of this plant from 5 to 10 years.

Dollar tree — care

At home for dollar tree is easy to care for. He needs lit place, although it may feel good in the shading area of the room.

Most importantly, when choosing a place to note an important point: need to avoid direct sunlight as this can cause leaf scorch.

This flower will grow even if it is placed in the shade, but will develop much slower.

Also to dollar tree at home had the correct form periodically need to rotate around the axis.

The plant easily tolerates hot weather. Optimum temperature conditions for zamiokulkasa in summer is 21 to 30, in winter is 15-18°C.

In winter the dollar tree is better than watering. Thus, it is better to take the temperature of the air.

In the summer it is recommended to include dollar tree on the street, this can be set for the balcony or export to the country.

At this time, spray the plant is not necessary, only once a month to arrange a shower use warm water. This will help to wash off all the dust that had accumulated upon it.

Pour dollar tree is required after dry soil. If there is any doubt, a need to watering, it is best to wait another day.

Excessive soil moisture can lead to the fact that the flower will die.

With the onset of cold zamioculcas in the home need to be watered as infrequently as possible. Watering is carried out only warm water.

For dollar tree at home use the same soil, like cacti.

For fertilizer, this flower is used mineral and organic fertilization. Fertilize twice a month.

Dollar tree should be transplanted every 3-4 years. The best time for this-spring.

The size of the new pot is transplanted flower, there should be only a little more than the previous. This is due to the fact that dollar tree is growing very slowly.

During the transplant the inspection of the roots and, if necessary, removed damaged and defective parts.

Zamioculcas sits at the same depth as in the previous pot. The bottom of the pot

Dollar tree – care at home

must have holes so the excess water.

Immediately after transplantation of the plant should be kept in shading place.

Reproduction dollar tree is in two ways: by dividing the Bush cuttings.

While working with dollar tree should be careful, because the plant is toxic.

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