Dolichothele — care at home


Is a representative of the family Cactaceae, native to America, is found from the USA to Mexico.

It is a kind of low-growing plant that has stems globose, 3-8 cm in diameter, covered with long, soft and juicy nipples.

Characterized by the presence of numerous spines, soft and long, up to 3 cm

The flowers are fragrant, large, diameter 1.5—6 cm, white or yellow, funnel-shaped, with long tube, are revealed one by one.

The fruits are pink or green, up to 3 cm Dolichothele very bushes, in nature, forming a large sod. Undemanding in cultivation, so their breeding is available to even novice gardeners.

Growing dolichothele

 Location and lighting

Plants do not like bright light, from March to November they are planted in the garden, in the greenhouse, it is desirable to provide protection from direct sunlight.


For the summer period, the optimum temperature of 19-24 degrees, in that time, for winter is not above 8-10 degrees.

Watering and humidity

Watering should be moderate and only in spring and autumn, winter is not watered. Dolichothele no need for spraying and moist air.


Fertilize only in spring and summer, in other seasons, — feeding should be avoided.

Transplantation and propagation

Arrange, as necessary, in the spring, in deep pots, where ¼ of their height will be put shards the plant absolutely does not tolerate stagnant water, the roots can rot and the cactus will die.

The rest of the space in the pot is prepared with a mixture of leaf humus, broken bricks, loam, and river sand in the approximate ratio 2:1:2:2 with a small amount of crushed charcoal.

Both instances add a bit of dried clay. Dolichothele propagated by seed or shoots.

Divide overgrown specimens the lateral shoots and the papillae, which are neatly cut with a razor, dried the cut and take root in moist sand, deepening of 3-4 mm.

Most often the roots will appear for 2-3 weeks, and then and shoots at the base of the papilla.

Pests and fight with them

Dolichothele often struck by mealybug, scale insects, spider mites. In severe cases, spider mites sprayed with actellic.

The appearance of scale insects pests be removed with a brush dipped in alcohol, sprayed with toxic chemicals with the addition of means for washing dishes. Methods of dealing with suitable scale and with the suppression of mealybugs.

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