Distillation of bulbous plants in the home

forcing of bulbous plants

Distillation is the application with which the growers of the plant removed from the state of rest, in order in the winter, indoor plant bloomed.

At home is best suited for forcing bulbs: tulips, hyacinths, daffodils and so on.

Selected absolutely healthy, large, dense and large bulbs.

To transplant the bulbs stored in a dry and dark place. For early forcing of bulbous plants transplants carried out in September to late in October.

For example, during flowering large bulbs of hyacinths develop powerful and fragrant blossoms.

The pots for them, select about 8-10 cm in diameter. On the bottom of the pot put crock to cover the drain holes and not letting it get clogged.

On top of the crock is filled to the ground from the summer garden or peat to the brim of the pot. In the middle of the bulb pressed against and tightly crimped. The bulb should be above the edges of the tank.

The pots are placed in a wooden box with pre-poured to the bottom of the sand layer of 3-4 cm of sawdust Then fill all space boxes along with the gaps between the pots.

It turns out the thickness of the layer of about 10 cm is well watered and put in 2 months in a cool place. During this period, the bulbs will take root and sprout. The temperature should be 4-5ºC.

Periodically conduct the inspection of sawdust, if they begin to dry, then perform irrigation.

The extraction and distillation of bulbous plants comes after the appearance of the surface whitish thick sprouts.

This means that the earthen room in the pot for quite braided roots.

Be careful not to damage the sprout, the pots are removed and cleaned from adherent sawdust, put in a warm place (room), put on the windowsill and cover with a paper cap.

The week caps off, during this time, the germs get used to the room temperature, to the light, and begin to appear yellow, twisted into a tube leaves, gradually with each passing day coloring in green.

The temperature should be maintained around 16-18C. A month later the hyacinths bloom. Plant care is watering and periodic spraying water from a spray bottle.

If you keep the temperature about 12 ° C flowering hyacinths will be longer. Faded small bulbs placed in storage in a dry, well ventilated and dark place.

In the spring they can be planted in the ground at his cottage, where they will stay until July of the following year. Then they are dug out, dried and then used for forcing in the home.

Distillation other kinds of bulbous plants is about the same with small features in the technique.

For example, tulips are planted three bulbs in a pot so they do not touch each other. For the secondary distillation, they are not suitable, they are planted in the garden. The same applies to daffodils.

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