Diseases of tomatoes — the treatment

Diseases of tomatoes

As if the gardeners did not try to protect their crops from disease, but from time to time it still happens.

And the reasons may be different from the adverse climatic conditions, improper care (in particular, the overuse of chemicals) to defeat pests.

But that had less to cure diseases of tomato, you should pay more attention to caring for plants.

To avoid most of the disease will help prevention, which is one of the components of the machinery.

Diseases of tomatoes

Most of the pests trying to get tomatoes — the leaves and stems of a poisonous culture for them. Resistant to these toxins only of wireworm, mole cricket and spider mites.

Therefore, the main preventive measures should be directed to fight with them.

But diseases of tomato represented a significant list: brown leaf spot, apical rot, macrospores, tobacco mosaic, Septoria disease, late blight. The causes of their manifestations may be different, but the treatment should be serious.

Sometimes tomatoes manifestations of the injury are taken for the disease, but it is not. Amateur varieties often grow deformed fruit, or the peel side looks cracked, sometimes growths appear strange forms.

This is not the signs of the disease of tomatoes – the usual genetic malfunction (Amateur grade). These fruits are quite edible and suitable for conservation. The only «but» — don’t use seeds for reproduction.

Treatment of diseases of tomato

Gardeners should be aware of what kind ofdiseases are the most common, to be able to distinguish between them, to determine the cause and properly treat it.

  • Brown leaf spot affects the leaves, starting first appear on the lower parts, gradually spreading throughout the Bush. In the future, the leaves darken dramatically and completely dry.

Should be treated in the initial stage of the disease, having also seized the affected parts of the plant. Processing of medicinal mixtures have not only sick of Bush, but all the «residents» of the garden.

Of chemicals it is recommended to use Bordeaux liquid, oksihom Figon, iron sulfate, etc. a Great biological weapons are marigold and horsetail (decoction).

  • The Septoria leaf spot is also called hard rot. Apparent brown-purple spots on leaves eventually become grey black.

The treatment is carried out by the above described means. But you can add more soda ash on the soap solution, keltan copper oxychloride.

treatment of diseases of tomato

  • The excess moisture from the tomatoes begin to cover brown spots (developing late blight), and very quickly lost the entire crop.

To exclude the manifestation of a disease of tomatoes, the culture should be treated with fungicides before the formation of the ovaries.

Folk remedies useful are extracts of onion and garlic, and iodine in milk-based.

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