Diseases of raspberries and measures against them

Disease raspberry

Despite the efforts of breeders, has still not withdrawn raspberry varieties are completely resistant to disease.

Therefore, gardeners have to be careful not to run the disease of raspberries and to take timely appropriate action.

Otherwise, planting and harvest can be caused great harm.

The pathogens can be fungi, viruses and bacteria. To fungal diseases include:

  • Anthracnose, which on stems, leaf petioles and on the leaves appear oval gray spots with brown margins. The development of the disease can lead to massive defoliation, the transformation of the ugly spots in scabies drying of the ovaries of the berries.
  • purple spotting, which is expressed in the vague appearance of bright spots from the stems of the leaves. The spots darken and peel. With further development of the disease kills up to 70% of the kidney, and inhibited the growth of shoots.

Fungal diseases are struggling with nitrafena who sprayed raspberries in early spring time. First Bud stage and after harvest the bushes treated with Bordeaux liquid.

To limit the spread of the disease raspberry cut out the affected shoots.

To ensure sufficient ventilation make sure that the rows of bushes not too thick. Fall clean landing from the leaves, preventing its decay. At the same time, the soil lay a potassium-phosphorus fertilizer.

Bacterial disease is the root cancer, which infects the roots. On the rhizomes by the activities of bacteria appear bumpy education.

The functioning of the root system is disturbed. Patient raspberry inhibited growth and reduces fruiting. Neglected disease leads to massive loss of crops.

With cancer lose of plants in fighting the use of chemicals. This will only update full of plantations with the use of guaranteed healthy seedlings.

The laying of the new ridges on the other. Uprooted bushes definitely burn. Planting material before planting treated with a weak solution of copper sulphate.

To viral diseases include:

  • mosaic, which affects the stems and leaves. A symptom of the disease is the appearance of yellowish variegation on the leaves. While this weakens the growth of young shoots, and berries of the brush begins to shrink. The fruits that have formed acquire a sour taste;
  • crinkle Bush, when shoots and leaves are changing their shape, veins on the leaves become glassy. Flowers on diseased plants become barren. Diseases of raspberries and measures against them

In these and other viral lesions of the raspberry patch and remove and burn diseased stems, ridges loosen, remove weeds.

Planting sprayed with insecticides against harmful insects, as they carry the infection.

To reduce the effect of virus diseases of raspberry, twice a year adding to the soil organic matter – humus and Mature compost. To improve ventilation do thinning, cutting to ground level a weak young shoots.

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