Diseases of Phalaenopsis and their treatment

Diseases Of Phalaenopsis

Found among houseplants are the real «pussies» that are painfully react to the slightest violation of the conditions of the regime.

And the most fastidious are the orchids.

But among these colors and not very demanding species with which they prefer to communicate growers is Phalaenopsis. But despite his tolerance for lack of attention, the plant is susceptible to diseases.

The most common disease of Phalaenopsis have a non-infectious basis – violation of caring for orchids.

Diseases Of Phalaenopsis

Phalaenopsis is able to endure the lack of moisture, lack of lighting and other variations in the care of the plant. If they are short, and not to be protracted. From the lack of attention the plant can get sick.

A good indicator are the orchids leaves. Modification – already an occasion to reflect where you have been violated mode:

The yellowing of the leaves provoke hypothermia, lack of (or, conversely, a large number of) moisture and sunlight. In other words, the deviation from the optimal maintenance regimes.

Yellow spots on a green background – it burns from direct sunlight. The bigger they are, the harder it will be to treat a flower.

Light green, oblong-elongated leaves of Phalaenopsis evidence of weakening of plants due to the lack of lighting. Such a «rickety» Orchid will «catch» any infection.

Dangerous when damaged the Phalaenopsis vegetative buds, the plant may die. And the reason is as the freezing of orchids, and the reverse action is excessive overheating.

To Phalaenopsis quickly recovered after the illness, when the first symptoms it is necessary to restore the normal modes of the existence of orchids.

Diseases of viral nature

Diseases of Phalaenopsis caused by different viruses, it is not common, but quite dangerous. Failure to take urgent action will lead to the death of the flower.

Seriously ill, the Orchid may be a vector of disease to neighboring plants. In this case, a houseplant will have to burn.

The most common in this category of diseases for Phalaenopsis are considered to be fungal (powdery mildew, rust, sooty fungus). With a variety of signs of disease the principle is the same – the rapid spread of the dispute at the plant.

To improve the Orchid, the affected areas of plants are removed, the cuts disinfected (sulphur, charcoal, iodine). Sprayed also himsostav (Ridomil, Topsin) and biological agents (Nicosan).

Diseases Of Phalaenopsis

A different kind of rot (root, grey, black, Fusarium, brown) is able to change the plant, deforming it and corroding.

Don’t be afraid to make Phalaenopsis pruning of diseased tissues, if you want to save the flower. As an antiseptic use a solution of Previcur powder aktivirati or charcoal.

As prevention of any disease of Phalaenopsis, ensure strict compliance regimes of care. And then a healthy Orchid in appreciation will delight you all year round of beautiful buds.

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