Diseases of pear and their control

Disease of pear

Not in any garden, no such fruit trees as pears.

It is not surprising: fragrant juicy fruits called the «gift of the gods.»

And when things were a belief that pears are able to rejuvenate.

This, of course, granted, but the fruits of this culture do have a number zelennyj properties.

But in your garden, pear trees gave good yields, it is necessary to take care of the crops. And be sure to protect from pests and diseases.

The main diseases of pear

Culture refers to the family of pome fruits. And there’s a «usual» disease of pear, typical of these cultures.

  • Scab formation is evident on the lower leaf surface velvety black spots, which can be considered the calf of the fungus. Gradually expand, the spots coalesce, leading to the death and leaf drop. Similar spots appear on the fruit the ovaries, deforming the fruit.


  • Monilia is pronounced «burn» leaves and flowers. Under the influence of the fungus they turn brown, then wither and hang on the branches.


  • Powdery mildew appears greyish tinge on the stems and leaves of a pear tree.


  • Fruit rot looks like a brown spots with pads of a different shade. Under the influence of the disease the fruit starts dark, then turns into «the mummy», which continues to hang on the branch.


  • When the spider mites on the yellowed and dried leaves (the lower side) can be considered a light cobweb.


  • Bacterial canker affects the tree buds. The pears completely die of copiaza and colchici. Then, in the places where the branches depart from the trunk, you can see the cancerous growths.

 How to deal with diseases of pear

If you do not pay attention to disease, pears, it is possible to remain without harvest, and to destroy the tree itself. With one individual, the disease will spread to neighboring cultures, infecting the whole garden.

In the fight for health will be all means: chemical preparations and folk recipes.

Scab can be combated by using Bordeaux mixture. It even before the Bud, you need to spray the pear cone. Repeat the procedure another 5 times: at Bud burst, during budding, a few times after flowering).

This tool is suitable when moniliales burn. But you can apply copper oxychloride at the rate of 40 g per bucket of water.

With powdery mildew and fruit rot good fungicide type «Topaz». But a great result

Disease of pear

also give iron sulfate, copper oxychloride, nitrate.

Folk remedies can be used a decoction of the herb or tincture of marigold, mullein, and ash.

From spider mites as a chemical means of struggle you can use Malathion, fufanon, or a liquid potassium soap, etc.

From good biological action have tincture of wormwood, dandelion, chamomile, Persian, and broth of tomato foliage.

With the disease of pear — cancer to fight harder, but if you do not take any measures to destroy the entire garden.

All the fruits mummified must be removed from the tree and destroyed. The soil around the patient pears treated with liquid Bordeaux or formalin.

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