Diseases of orchids and their treatment

Diseases of orchids

Surprisingly gentle charm called Orchid looks great in any setting.

But it is provided, if the plant is to care for all the rules – the flower room constantly requires attention.

Is to violate any of the modes of farming, floral, and Orchid sick.

It is sensitive to viral infections, and it is not bypassed pests. To continue to enjoy this beautiful potted flower, it should be promptly treated.

Diseases Of Orchids

The main diseases of Orchids are related to improper care of them. But to revive the plant in this situation is easier than in diseases of other causes.

If you do not observe lighting, Orchid quickly «deteriorate». And to find the right lighting, you should consider the specific features of the plants. After all, there are types of shade-loving and photophilous.

The first is not desirable to direct sunlight can see the burns on the leaves. Others do not have enough light, and they do not develop, look stunted and underdeveloped.

Orchid barely tolerate dry soil, but excessive watering is harmful to them – developing fungal disease. If you have grown Orchid species refers to water-loving, it does not mean that it should be often «treat».

But regularly moisturize the air, so that the tubers do not dry out. Falling leaves indicate dry air in the room.

Excessive watering Orchids in combination with low temperatures leads to swelling of the plant and rot the roots. Therefore, in the cold season, when moisture evaporates bad, better than an Orchid to neopolice.

It is impossible in this period and to spray the plants, otherwise the leaves will appear dark fungal spots.

Infectious diseases of Orchids

Tend Orchids and infectious diseases that are spread by bacteria, viruses and fungal spores. To anestis they can with earth, water, air or «to migrate» from another pot.

Such diseases of Orchids are considered to be serious and in poor condition very difficult to treat.

Bacterial leaf spot manifests itself thus: the leaves soften, turn yellow, and then darken. They appear sores, oozing a viscous fluid. The affected parts should be cut off, treating the cuts with iodine.

Of viral diseases in Orchids mosaic spotting. Stripes and circles of small size in the sheet – has a reason to burn the plant to the disease is not captured by the other colors.

Most Orchids are prone to fungal diseases:

Anthracnose develops from excessive humidity. On leaves and pseudobulbs appear small brown spots, which later covered with a pink tinge.

The affected areas are removed and cut places prosypayutsya ash. You can use «Mikosan».

Incorrect modes of heat and irrigation lead to the development of Botrytis – plant covered with small brown spots. Effective treatment, «Immunotsitofit».

Diseases of orchids

Temperature and air regimes (or rather, their violation) are the culprits for the defeat of the Orchid powdery mildew.

White patches dries the plant and it dies quickly. Medical emergency – spraying generously watered the flower with a solution of colloidal sulfur.

Conclusiondiseases of Orchids are treatable, if the time to detect them. But the best option is not to bring the plant up to this situation, giving it due attention.

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