Diseases of onion and their control measures

disease of onions

The downy mildew (downy mildew)

A dangerous fungal disease that manifests itself almost every season, except for a hot dry summer.

Provokes the disease (downy mildew) parasitic fungus that develops and lives on the growing plant.

Winter easily stand in sevce and perennial varieties, planted in the garden. The disease for several years can remain calm in the soil after harvest.

In the spring of the affected follicles, at first no different from the healthy, and developing normally, but after 2.5-3 weeks for the start of the manifestation of the fungus.

The onion gets kind of depressed and looks powersim. The feathers are poorly developed and have pale green or yellow crooked. Very soon they wither, the harvest is not formed.

Disputes of painful bow, very easily transferred to healthy plants and in the presence of wet weather to infect them.

At the end of the growing season downy mildew moved inside of the bulb, where safely overwinter until the following spring.

In dry Sunny weather, the spores cause disease of onion under the sunlight are killed within 2 hours.

For the destruction of the fungus after harvest, onions are well dried at a temperature of 40-42S during the day.

Onion is dried at the same temperature for 8 hours, two weeks before planting.

Use crop rotation and do not grow onions on the same place, sooner than 3 years. To put this culture better after cabbage or cucumbers.

Onions planted in early periods in full sun. Diseased plants should be removed immediately, and the harvest must be carried out in dry Sunny weather.

Sakova rot

Another common disease of onions, it Sakova rot. Also a fungal disease,

disease of onions

but it shows up only in Luke – the turnip.

Can infect a large number of crops. Sakova rot appears at Luka before cleaning.

The infection penetrates into dying feathers and falls in wet bulb neck, or sores, formed during harvesting. Appears Sakova rot for about 2-3 month storage.

At the initial stage of the disease Luca palpable softening of the tissues, which become yellow-pink color. In the future, the follicle shrinks and it remains one husk.

To protect the crop from disease, the onions should be well dried, to a distinctive rustle. Before a bookmark on storage, must be carefully all the bulbs to sort, delete, dry and wet coating.

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