Diseases of fruit trees — Apple scab (pear, Apple)

Apple scab

Scab is one of the most harmful and widespread diseases of fruit trees (pear, Apple), which is found in the cottages.

Affects almost all plant from shoots, leaves and ending with fruit.

Resulting in reduced fruit quality, reduced productivity and significantly reduces the resistance of trees to frost.

Many novice gardeners are not even aware of the early development of the disease.

The fight against scab (pear, Apple)

As a rule, the causative agent of scab overwinters on fallen leaves and branches that lay under the Apple trees and pears.

With the onset of spring the spores move to the young leaves. This process can proceed until mid-summer.

To detect the fungus on fruits and leaves can manifests in spots of olive tint with a velvety bloom.

On Apple they are more common on the upper side of the sheet, and the pears mainly on the bottom.

The pulp of the fruit under the scab becomes as the tube cracks. This disease also infects stems, petioles and flower, which inevitably leads to the loss of the greater part of the crop.

On the shoots of the fungus lives mainly on pears, and rarely on Apple. The bark begins to peel off and becomes rough.

The most favorable conditions for active

scab of pear

the development of scab during periods of cool, wet spring and rainy summer.

Infection can also occur from fruit trees located on adjacent sites.

To combat this fungal disease, it’s good to use 1% Bordeaux liquid. Spraying is necessary to carry out the early spring prior to Bud swelling to the beginning of flowering.

After flowering it is better to use fungicides (cuproxat, copper oxychloride, ambulance).

To avoid the use of different drugs, experienced gardeners is recommended during the autumn work in the garden and prepare for the winter, the mandatory collection and burning of all leaves and digging tree trunks.

In the spring when the leaves of Apple and pear trees were left to handle their 7% urea solution.

The approximate consumption of 250g of 1kV.m. In advanced cases, you can spray against scab 3% Bordeaux liquid (before Bud break).

Over the summer recommended several times to the inspection of trees, since the advent of the next generations of this disease can provoke the emergence of new foci of infection.

Timely getting rid of the fungus ensures a good harvest.

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