Diseases of fruit trees and their control measures

Diseases of fruit trees

Fruit trees like many other garden plants can be affected by the disease.

And if nothing is done, reduced the volume of harvest and its quality.

Without exception, any gardener should know «your enemy» and if necessary to fight him.

The best course to get rid of disease of fruit trees at an early stage.

ScabVery often gardeners complain that on pear or Apple fruits appeared an unusual plaque. This is the scab. The reason for its development is the mushroom.

If you leave everything as is, then the disease will spread throughout the tree and a good collection can not wait.

Also scab you notice the spring on the leaves. They appear dark-green spot color with a touch. This suggests that the process of reproduction of the disease has begun.

To deal with the scab better on stage appearance. This includes the burning of autumn leaves and dry fruits, required the digging around the tree.

It is very important to spray the trees with DNOC (1% solution) or NITROPHENOL (3% solution). Processing the fruit is first carried out in early spring, the second time as soon as the first buds appear, use Bordeaux liquid, and the third time in a week you should apply a liquid oxychloride of copper is 0.3 %.

Fruit mold«Instigator» of this disease is considered to be the same fungus. The manifestation of mold can be seen only in mid-summer.

On the fruit of Apple or pear, you receive a spot of dark color, which is growing very rapidly. After a time of decay enveloped the entire surface of the fruit begins the process of decay.

To prevent rot, or stop it, you need to remove bad fruit and eliminate them. For the destruction of the rot it is best to use 1% Bordeaux liquid.

First sprayed trees before the ovary will appear just after flowering and third after half of the month.

Order to get rid of disease of fruit trees, it is important not to miss the treatment periods. Otherwise whole work will be done in vain.

Moniliais Found on many trees. The fruit is covered with brown spots, which visible white circles. Spray Planroom (for 10 l water 50 ml).

Leaf curlmainly affects peach. The disease affects the leaves, causing them to deform. Spread the disease before Bud break.

In the process of struggle is necessary to burn the leaves, and the tree sprayed with Bordeaux liquid. But do it before the buds. Also, this process is repeated after the main harvest and before leaf fall in autumn.

 TreesDisease of Apple. It can be noticed on the bark of trunk in the form of thin brown layers. Effective method of fighting is considered timely destruction of affected shoots, and for the treatment of the barrel used garden var, which treated wounds.

Sooty fungusDisease can be detected on the leaves in the form of a resin film which is easily wiped off.

Diseases of fruit trees

Used to control a solution: copper sulfate 5 gr. soap 150 gr. water 10 l, Bordeaux emulsion 1% and copper oxychloride. If the crown is heavily overgrown, it is thinned.

Plum rustVisible rust on the leaves as brown spots, that is a cause of early November. Prevention of the disease is pruning affected branches and trees. It is also important to burn autumn leaves.

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