Diseases of chickens – causes, prevention, treatment

Disease chickens

Planning to raise chickens in the household, you need to consider that they may suffer from various diseases.

This article will talk about some of the diseases of chickens.

Disease chickens

 Hypothermia Chicks

This is very evident in the behavior of the chickens. They are overly huddle to each other. It is impossible to prevent hypothermia kids in the period from 3 to 5 weeks.

Otherwise, chickens can get coccidosis, pulloroza, aspergillosis and other diseases.

Also in chickens may be diarrhea, the development of liver tumors, inflammation of the kidneys. Sick calves immediately noticeable. Chickens always sleepy, sluggish, and can also be the selection of a beak.

To avoid this, you need to provide them with the appropriate conditions. In the afternoon, when Sunny weather, they are actively moving, so do not freeze, and at night they need a heater.


Chicken salmonellosis

Chicks can get sick this disease before the age of 4 months. This disease is accompanied by upset stomach and acute purulent conjunctivitis.

In the treatment process, you can use an antibiotic (tetracycline) for six days with food 40 mg/l can give maatar: five liters of water 10 gr.

Infected Chicks definitely rule out, and adhere to hygiene. Fully all the things to care should be treated with an alkali on the basis of ash.

The poisoning of chickens,as the chickens walk freely, there is a probability that they can eat something poisonous.

Symptoms of poisoning very difficult to notice, that a disease of chickens does not last long, they soon die.

Poisoning can be seen by the color change of earrings and a comb. They become purple. The bird eats a lot and drinks the liquid, dies in convulsions.

To find out the cause of poisoning it is necessary to slightly squeeze out the contents of goiter, while holding on to a bird’s foot with his head down. Next, you need to drink chicken broth on the basis of flax with the addition of charcoal.

Inflammation of the ovary of hens

It is the trauma of the ovary. The disease is accompanied by blood clots in bags. In this disease the yolk misses the oviduct, in the abdominal cavity. This is the cause of inflammation.

Also, the cause may be excessive probing chickens or injury. In this case, the egg can be irregular in shape and have two yolks or soft shell.

The problematic release of eggs from laying hens

This is evident in the behavior of the chicken. She restlessly searches for the nest, often crouches, and

Disease chickens

earrings and comb turns bright red.

The problem can be solved on their own, if the case is heavy.

For this chicken to be steamed over a steam bath for about half an hour.

Also, as an option, you can process the cavity of the cloaca with petroleum jelly.

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