Diseases of arborvitae and control measures

Diseases of arborvitae

Despite the fact that these culture – the plants are undemanding to growing conditions, some variations in care can lead to disease of thuja.

Control measures will require some effort to rescue decorative beauty.

The main reason diseases may be a violation of the irrigation regime (especially high humidity).

Tue and annoying pests with which it is necessary to fight.


Fungal diseases arborvitae

Because of the high humidity, tend to develop fungal disease of thuja.

  • The most dangerous is late blight. She grabs the top layer of the root system, completely destroying it. From the bottom of the trunk becomes soft, thuja itself acquires a grayish tint and fade.
  • The cause of the disease is bad drainage (or its absence), which leads to stagnant water at the roots.
  • Rotten thuja cure does not work – the tree should be completely removed, replacing in this place and land. But preventive measures should be taken periodically watering the plants with fungicides.
  • In early spring you can see the yellow scales on the branches – this is the beginning of the defeat of the brown fungus. If not immediately take measures, gradually the whole plant dies.
  • To provoke this disease can depleted mineral elements of the soil. Apparently, when planting arborvitae in the hole was not made fertilizers.
  • Rot-damaged shoots should be cut, not allowing the disease to spread further. Thue periodically to put under the roots of limestone and feed it with fertilizer. During the whole vegetation period is recommended every 2 weeks to spray trees 2-percent solution of «Fundazol».
  • Young arborvitae commonly affected by rust and Schutte. This is manifested by Browning of needles and subsequent fall. This disease is common to all conifers, so that in the presence on the site and other plants may start an «epidemic».
  • To give a specific reason, which serves as the impetus for the development of these diseases, it is difficult – these fungi for life accompany coniferous culture.
  • Since the spring, periodically, process all conifers growing on the plot, solution, HOME or Bordeaux liquid». If the lesion still showed itself, the row circles are processed «Fundazol». Once in the spring with the preventive purpose it is possible to carry out the spraying of the trees with the drug «Topsin-M».

 Pests arborvitae

Often disease of thuja depend on pests, dobecause plant. A parasite of this culture is cognoscitive, which erodes the cortex.

First appear small yellow ulcers gradually growing around the trunk. Once the lesion reaches more than 80%, the plant can be considered dead.

  • Upon detection of the larvae in the bark should be gently scrubbed with a knife or brush, without damaging the trees. Disease TUI - scale
  • Of chemicals that need to treat the plant, recommended the «Actellic», «Malathion», «Roger», «Antioxidant.».
  • Can be used in the fight against pest and folk remedies: treatment of branches of soap-alcohol solution, applied to the bark of the glue from caterpillars or wrapping the trunk in burlap.

Find out what are the thuja disease and the measures to combat them, it will be easier for gardeners to keep their decorative planting.

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