Diseases of Apple and their treatment

Disease of Apple trees

The word «disease» is characterized by poor health not only of humans or animals and sick plants.

Patients fruit trees produce poorly or even longer to harvest.

Therefore, the grower is not only an agriculturist, but also the «plant doctor.» It needs to take preventive measures to prevent diseases Apple trees and other plants in the garden and to take urgent measures for their treatment at the first symptoms of the disease.

Disease of Apple trees

The tree is susceptible to many diseases, the cause of which can be fungi and viral infections: wet rot or solid, grey or fruit, powdery mildew, rust, mosaic, various mycoses, and so on.

Sometimes the perpetrators of the diseases of Apple trees are insects: aphids, spider mites, thrips, nematodes. Traveling from a sick tree to a healthy, they carry diseases. And, feeding on leaves, shoots, fruits, causing great damage to the plant.

Causes of illness can be improper methods of farming. As the lack of fertilizers and their excess can cause disease. Planting Apple trees without regard to its requirements for soil and other growth conditions leads to «discomfort» the plant has, consequently, to disease.

Dangerous disease of Apple trees


The list of diseases that affect Apple trees, a large. Among them is a very serious disease that should not be ignored. Bad harvest – it is a small loss. The tree’s death is already a tragedy.

Cancer can hurt and wood. Treat the Apple tree will be as difficult as cancer man. Here only radiation therapy here will not apply.

The cause of the disease of Apple – bad climatic conditions (excessive heat or extreme cold). Is death part of the kidneys. And those will bloom too quickly blacken and dry out.

Then the bacterial cancer has spread to the crust – it, wilt, crack or partially eliminated. Where there is a discharge of the branches, appear tumors is «tumor».

Treatment effective only in early disease. The affected branches of the Apple trees should be cut, and then burn. Also come with a sick bark. «Wounds» are treated with antiseptic compounds, and then daubed garden pitch.

If the tree is severely affected, it is better to cut completely, and the surrounding soil treated with formalin.

The most common disease is Apple scab believe. The causes of this fungal disease 2: stagnation of air under the crust and high humidity. Disease begins with the leaves and quickly goes to the fruit.

On the upper surface of Apple leaves stains appear brownish-olive color. These velvet curves can even see the body

Disease of Apple trees

fungus – small black dots.

Growing, they devour the entire leaf, which fade and immediately fall off. Something similar happens with fruits. As a result, they «woody» and crack.

The treatment is mainly in prevention: processing of apples in the fall and spring urea, copper oxychloride, Bordeaux liquid; pruning excess shoots.

These compositions to treat soil, tree trunks, if the tree is sick scab. Fallen fruit and leaves are destroyed.

Fruit rot immediately catches the eye. But as an independent disease of Apple, perhaps, to consider not worth it.

Likely to lose fruit, this is a consequence of another disease (all of the same scab, for example).

Yesterday poured fruit of the Apple tree suddenly begin to shrink. On their surface appear putrid spot in the form of cushions ashen-gray. Part of the apples falls to the ground, and some remain on the branches in the form of a shriveled «mummies» to infect neighboring fruit.

The treatment of this disease of Apple trees is to carefully care of fruit trees. You can’t miss the timing preventative spraying of Apple trees with systemic fungicides. All the affected fruits should be removed from the site and destroyed.

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