Diseases and pests of roses and their control

pests of roses

No wonder the rose is called the Queen of garden flowers – majestic decorative in combination with the soft intoxicating aroma leaves no one indifferent.

Do not bypass their attention is culture and pests, destroying such beauty for his beloved country.

Insects and diseases of roses it is necessary to constantly struggle to maintain a gorgeous Bush and give him an opportunity to develop.

Dangerous pests of roses

The scent of the roses attracts insects during the whole active period of cultural development (from spring to late autumn).

But the most dangerous is the time of the growing season, when just beginning to blossom buds.

Pests of roses, who want to eat the young leaves and tender buds, making the flower frail, destroying the splendor of the decorative bushes. In the process involved not only adults, but their larvae.

A list of the main «aggressors» and the measures against them are given below in table 1.

Pests of roses Chemical protection Folk remedies against
Aphids on roses settles colonies, densely covered with part of a Bush and sucking out his juices The development phase of their kidneys are treated with insecticides of the contact type.Then in the course are media: «Malathion», «Roger», «Aktellik», etc. Are sprayed with a solution of kerosene (2 g in a bucket of water).Effective infusion of garlic (onions), tomato leaves and green liquid soap
For ordinary high rot leafhopper this attacks the leaves of the Bush, making them marble-pale. It also provokes premature defoliation The fight must begin at the stage of larvae using any insecticides. Repeated treatment is carried out after 10 days. Good onion or garlic tincture
Spider mite is one of the most dangerous pests that can damage ornamental roses, even in winter Spraying is carried out ascaricide means: «AMICOM», «Isofrom», etc. Treat the Bush with infusion of onion (garlic) or a decoction of yarrow (black henbane)
Sawyers externally somewhat similar to bees. Eating the young shoots, pest leads to complete drying Treatment of bushes available under the hands of pesticides  

Pests of roses it is better to spend the winter close to «juicy» scrubs. Therefore, you should collect and burn all fallen leaves, as well as to sckopke of land in the area of the Bush in autumn and spring.

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Diseases of roses

diseases of roses

Roses can get sick not only because of the invasion of harmful insects are especially dangerous for bushes bacteria. They may appear because of the violation of the conditions of farming (waterlogged or, conversely, insufficient watering, large opacity, the lack of power or excess of nitrogen-containing fertilizers).

How to eliminate diseases of roses, prompt table 2.

Diseases of roses Chemical protection Folk remedies against
Powdery Mildew often affects young shoots, destroying tissue, which leads to their death Spraying is iron or copper sulfate, and potassium sulfate, sulfur colloid (with the addition of soap solution) Once a week spray the Bush mullein infusion with the addition of wood ash
Rust that accumulates on the plant orange spore mass, knocks all the processes occurring in the rosebush In the vegetation period and in winter are sprayed with iron sulphate or Bordeaux liquid Regular spraying with a solution of soap
Chlorosis develops due to a lack of minerals and in an advanced stage may lead to death of the plant You should restore the mineral balance of the soil  

In order not to develop any diseases of roses, you must bring the terms of the care of the plant to the optimal modes. Diseased shoots are subject to pruning.

The ground around the Bush you need to carefully dig up and process the wood ashes.

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